I do not wear trainers. I do not do organised games. I do not go to the gym. I have no need of trainers. I went into London’s Niketown once about ten years ago and ran away in horror. I have a pair of Converse hi tops which are great for dog walking & Manhattan weekends, and for anything strenuous like LA canyon walking I wear hiking boots.

And then the day before I was due to leave for Austria’s Viva Mayr clinic I realised that I had absolutely nothing suitable to take with me. I had been so busy rushing around at London Fashion Week that thoughts of anything beyond heels and editor-type outfits were far, far removed from my consciousness. You don’t need hardcore sportsgear for Viva Mayr, but I would be doing some Nordic walking and some personal training whilst I was there.

Luckily the lovely people at Uniqlo came to my rescue and let me do a five minute sweep through their hoodie, T & leggings sections. I’ve never shopped quicker or been happier with the results.

But that still left sports shoes and a sports bra on my list. I failed miserably on the sports bra front, (John Lewis dept store you should be ASHAMED of your poor selection), even with the help of my Twitter followers who gave me masses of suggestions.

I looked into JD Sports for shoes, but it was way too scary and packed full of yoof. So I braved Niketown.

It’s surprising, given the immense size of the store, how very little actual product they stock. But that was fine with me. Given the choice of two pairs for the activity that I descirbed as minimal impact, light strolling, I picked the silver pair above, the Nike Zoom Sly Sister One+ Women’s Training Shoe,partly because of their incredible lightness and partly because I have skinny legs and those great clumping Nike Air trainers make my legs look more like golfclubs.

Yup, I put vanity over practicality every time. But even so, I am thrilled with them. They give me plenty of support – I fall over ALL the time so this is vital, and have a great spring. So much so that I have been contemplating the unforgiveable: wearing them with my day clothes.

This means nothing to me, but the Nike site says that they have a breathable mesh upper with Flywire skin overlays for ultra-lightweight zonal support and comfort, a Phylon midsole with Nike Zoom unit in the heel for low-profile cushioning and lightweight performance, a Poron sockliner in forefoot for comfort, support and a custom fit Rubber outsole with DiamondFLX technology for multi-directional flexibility.

I was horrifed to discover at the cash desk that they cost £70 – but I guess something’s gotta pay for the huge store, sports sponsorship and mega ad campaigns. And I easily pay that for fashion shoes, so…

Photo: LLG

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It is a sorry day indeed when one wears nice day clothes and trainers. Due to an achilles injury, this fate befell me over two years ago; I still blush! But, gosh, they are comfy, aren’t they…


What I found amazing is when I went to work in Milan and no one wore trainers anywhere except the gym, but also it seemed that 4/5ths of women wore a fur coat.


Nike is my training shoe of choice–nothing else works with my high arches! Hope you continue to enjoy your pair!


I have stupidly high arches too, and these are one of the few pairs of trainers that work with that…LLGxx

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