Random Fashion Coolness
Thank you to AOL’s MyDaily.co.uk for writing such a rave of LLG today!

The lowdown: When it comes to fashion blogs, Liberty London Girl is in a league of its own. Created by Sasha Wilkins, LLG is absolutely brimming with everything you need to know about fashion, beauty, food and travel and as an ex-style director of the Wall Street Journal, it’s safe to say that Wilkins knows what she’s talking about. Not to mention, Wilkins lives between London, New York and LA so she’s got all the goings on in the fashion capitals covered!

What we love: Unlike many blogs out there, LLG is easy to navigate through and with so much on offer, readers will always find something that catches their eye. We particularly love the ‘digest‘ posts that quickly summarise what LLG has been doing, wearing and eating over the last week.

Look out for:
The LLG recommends section. There are plenty of top tips on where to find the latest bargains plus LLG’s own list of the must-have items of the moment. We always like some encouragement when it comes to shopping!

Image by the amazing Random Fashion Coolness

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Excellent! You’ve been a bit quiet this week, hope li’l sis is ok x


Nice one! Thats gotta be cheering? No


Actually what am I talking about, you haven’t been quiet this week at all! I think this has something to do with me deleting the approx 2,000 unread blog posts that were in my Google reader a few days ago.


Well done! And I echo Penny’s best wishes.


Funny that – I wouldnt say “it is full of everything one needs to know”…I rank styledotcoms and the like to this category – sites I only ever go to during the fashion month if at all. I appreciate that LLG is selective and very personal. Keep up the good work.


Congratulations on such a great piece!

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