What a rollercoaster it’s been for the past six weeks. I’ve knocked off London Fashion Week, dinner in Milan, a make-myself-better week at the Viva Mayr Clinic in Austria, a work trip to Istanbul and am now in the womb-like surroundings of Grayshott Spa in Surrey with one of my closest friends.

We are just here for a scant overnight 20hrs – all we could spare. But T is pregnant with number 3, and this will be the last chance we get to spend any time together before the baby appears, as I am off to America next week until Christmas.

When I made all these frenetic plans, I had planned on plenty of downtime inbetween trips for plain old desk work and lots of email management from the back of cabs and plane seats. What I hadn’t really counted in were some important factors: I sort of forgot I had been sick & was operating below par, and that if any curve ball came along I was screwed.

I think lil’sis having a catastrophic MS relapse, complete with ambulance rides & all night ER sessions, my laptop breaking mid-trip in Istanbul, and the leaving of my beloved Blackberry in the back seat of an EasyJet all count as curveballs.

And that is why instead of having an early night at this lovely spa, I am bashing out emails & editing photos on the shiny new netbook I bought in ten mins flat in PC World on the way here today, and posting whilst T snores gently in the vast double bed to my right. Yup, there are two double beds in this rather lovely suite in which we are ensconced.

Photo: LLG in the glorious bathroom of The W Istanbul last week

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Phew! You have been so busy. It’s good to see you are leading by example in setting yourself bits of time for good, fun things. It really seems that if those times aren’t scheduled then they might never happen.

PS., Here, There and Everywhere by the Beatles was the song for the first dance at my wedding! I think it’s a beautiful song- to want someone with you always, and to know that once they are there, nothing can go wrong 🙂


Oh honey, hope things improve soon 🙁 It really HAS been a rough year. Wishing sis LLG a speedy recovery! xo


You’ve been very busy!!


is that you in the piccie? you slimmed down a lot! srsly 🙂


woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


What a few weeks you’ve had!! Hope you’re feeling better, and lil sis gets weel soon. Thinking of you all xx


Where’s your mom ? She haven’t blogged for two months


So so sorry lil sis is poorly. The stress on you can’t be good either. Hugs n x


Oh you poor little chicken. Take it easy – or at least try to. Only because you spent a few days in Austria doesn’t mean you have to power through until the next breakdown.
I read on FB that you’ll be moving into a more permanent home soon? Where will you go? Back to NYC? Staying in London?
I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that the coming months and years will be more relaxed and calm and that you find a place to settle down – physically as well as emotionally.


BTW I like what you have on in the pic from mirror reflection. What is each item and where did you get it please. I live in black/grey during winter and white and grey for summer so always in the market for some cosy / smart monochrome .Ta

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