I wrote about the little XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker a few months ago, with which I was enormously impressed. For around thirty pounds they produce an amazingly clear, loud sound, which has made the hotel rooms in which I frequently hole up a much more friendly spaces. The company who make the speakers saw my review, and sent me the next speaker up in their range, the egg shaped XMI X-Mini Max 2 portable speakers, to try out.


With a simple  twist the tiny magnets in the base release to seperate the two tıny speakers, and wıth another twist and lift, they extend to reveal the patented bass xpansion system (BXS) which really does mimic the resonance of a sub woofer.


I’ve been carrying them around all summer: so far they’ve been to Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Poitiers, Milan and Klagenfurt in Austria. They are small enough to not make a weight difference, but definitely pack an audio punch far above their size. (Shown below next to a one euro coiın for scale.)


Red £28.99 here Black £31.13 here

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My friends and I have been using the original mini speakers for a few months now when we travel and I agree they are great – so much fun to daisy chain 2 or 3 up together! Will definately look in to upgrading to the second gen in the future.


I love the look of them…I’m in need of some new speakers so will be picking up a set.
Thanks! x


Woooooo! I really have to appreciate you as enjoying XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker I dashed to get one immediately I read your post, and then, another even cuter one.
This looks good with a laptop, when I feel a bit fussy to turn on a full speaker through proper audio.


i’ve been meaning to buy one of these ever since your first review WAY back when…

I just ordered one and can’t wait to have it for my travels this summer. Thanks for all of your reviews/suggestions/tips – keep’em coming 🙂

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