Lake Worth at 7am this morning


Breakfast at 9.15am (I’d already seen the doctor for an abdominal massage and had an IV gluthatione drip by now).
Spelt roll, avocado and soya yoghurt . Everything chewed 40+ times.

Then it was on to a reflexology session, followed by light therapy, a Kneipp bath (legs are plonked for 10 mins in warm water, then a 10sec dunk in freezing water, repeated once)


and a Luscher psychology test, all of which was done by 1300hrs, when it was time for lunch, which takes forever, given the chewing involved. I had the afternoon off, and worked until 4pm when I went for (shamingly) my first excursion outside the hotel/clinic: a quick bike ride and and a poke around the little village of Maria Worth in which Viva Mayr is situated.


The clear waters of Lake Worth at 4pm


The village church.


The church seen from Lake Worth


Me lurking around taking photos with the iPhone’s Hipstamatic app. (The rest of the photos here were taken with the iPhone 4’s standard camera.)

(Thank you Vodafone for the loan of the iPad & the iPhone! Saving me from chewing-induced catatonia every day with your excellent roaming, and the many Kindle books I have downloaded onto the iPad.)

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Gorgeous photos! I need to get the hipstamatic app now!


Dear LLG

I never had any desire at all to go the Mayr Clinic – until I read your recent postings – as it always sounded a bit grim/Swiss sanatorium-like. But your photos make it look lovely. Totally intrigued by the Luscher psychology test. What is THAT?
Please do tell more!
Mimi P x


Avocado and yogurt, may have to try that one! I love both, but what are they like together?


The surrounds look gorgeous!


40 CHEWS!!!!!!!!!! I eat wayy tooo fast. Maybe I can start a step down process… say 10 chews per fork full; well maybe 5!
Hang in there, James


“Penultimate” is one of my favorite words 🙂




Well, you rather shouldn’t (swim in that lake) – due to the very low temperatures. Believe me. I’m around the corner right now… (living in Austria)


WOW the photos. AMAZING!!!!

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