How could I not love a room with a black leather Corbusier chaise? It seems completely appropriate for a clinic if you ask me. It’s perfect for leaning back and thinking complicated thoughts. Or for leaning back and thinking nothing at all as one gazed out over the still, limpid waters of Lake Worth.

Anyway, here is the little film I shot of the Lake and of my room, so you can see where I have been incarcerated for the past five days:

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Hi there, so they still gave you tomato and basil soup despite you having to be off nightshades? Or does a little bit not count? I’m allergic to some of them myself, just curious 🙂

Hope you enjoy it and recuperate well. I was really hoping your mum would update but she hasn’t for a long time!


i had the soup before they tested me, so no more tomato for me! LLGxx


You sound just like Carey Mulligan! Awesome 🙂


They should have banned you from social media. Rest up LLG!!!! We need you to get well!


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