I posted the recipe for my potato, goats cheese & thyme tart a few weeks ago: this is the matching tart that I made at the same time. Just as simple, just as quick to cook, it’s as good cold as it is hot. Don’t be scared off by the summer savory, (there was some growing in my mother’s garden), lots of other herbs work would just as well. Basil is the obvious substitute, but thyme, marjoram/oregano, maybe even rosemary would work too.

So the recipe is the same as for the potato tart, but I’ll repeat it here for ease of use:

Take half a slab of pre-made puff pastry, & roll it thin on a floured board, before transferring it to a greased baking tray.
Lightly score a box about an inch in, before piling on halved cherry tomatoes and crumbling over about a third of a block of feta. (It would work just as well with goats cheese.)
Then I strewed over the herbs, splashed on some olive oil, and liberally added sea salt & freshly ground black pepper.
If I had remembered, I would also have painted the pasty edges with a beaten egg. But I forgot. Too busy eating the extra cheese.


It cooked for about 15–20 minutes at 180C/350F/gas mark 4. It looks like a lot, but I used the other half of the pasty slab for the potato tart, and we ate both of them for a Saturday lunch between four of us in one sitting, accompanied by a simple green salad.


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Looks delicious,definately going to have a go, its Meat Free Monday tomorrow, been a vegetarian for 30 years,love trying new recipes. Thanks for posting. Best wishes Michelle


well, it’s super easy! Do let me know how it goes. LLGxx


Looks AMAZING! 🙂


sooooo beautiful. a jewelled tart. love it and the gorgeous simplicity of it. hope youre well at viva mayr, dear LLG. xx shayma


I made a variant of your banana bread on Saturday …. went in 5 mins and made some more yesterday. I’ve used organic wholemeal flour and added an Australian organic muesli from Byron Bay that has Australian macadamia nuts. I’m doing the low GI diet! So had to justify it somehow!
Thanks. I’ll send you a photo when I make the next batch … it goes too fast!

Hope you’re feeling better and stronger every day. Took me 9 months to get over typhoid.


Simply tarts like this are my favourite – and I must admit, I haven’t seen a recipe with summer savory in it for a long time. Thanks, you’ve inspired me to make something like this for my family.


Wow…this looks amazing…the color…the texture and I am sure even the taste of it would be amazing…Thanks for sharing…will try it soon.


I love my grandma’s recipeof stuffed cherry tomatoes…here is some of the info…

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