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Given that editors all end up feeling a little battered by the long hours, the stupid shoe wearing and the forgetting to to eat during Fashion Week, I’ve been exceptionally lucky this week to have been able to escape to the warm, if strict, embrace of the Viva Mayr clinic in Austria, where daily massages are helping right the wrongs I’ve inflicted on my poor spine.

Last season I got LFW out of my system with what I can truthfully say, with no hyperbole, was a truly exceptional massage, certainly the best I’ve ever had in London.

I had had no idea that there was a therapist in residence at The Milestone Hotel in Kensington, London until a publicist invited me to come in for a post-LFW treatment and I, feeling the knots in my shoulders, gratefully accepted

Hiding away on the lower level of the hotel, a few minutes’ walk from High St Ken is a small but perfectly formed spa treatment area, where therapist Fiona Keane plies her, frankly, magical arts.

With many years of experience, she’s no flibbertigibbet beautician. Sure, she can do your make up, tint your eyelashes or give you a Sothys facial, but I suspect that it’s massage that is her thing. She seems to have an innate sense for it, and I came away feeling relaxed, unknotted and healed, having walked in tired, emotional and wrung out after a week of a violent stomach bug. In fact, I practically skipped down Ken High St, feeling so much lighter & happier.

I think it always helps to feel comfortable with your therapist when you are essentially presenting your naked self to them, and I loved Fiona from the moment we met. Not only is she utterly charming, exuding warmth and generosity of spirit, but she also is an inveterate dachshund lover who lives for gardening. How could we not get on?

And it’s not just me who thinks she’s wonderful. She has spent the last 30 years working round the world, from The Royal Palaces in Kathmandu to Kensington Palace and Downing Street to The White House . She has a hush hush list of some of the world’s top athletes who she treats, and golfers and tennis players, in particular, love her.

She travels abroad too to do treatments, and if you are in Miami, New York, San Diego or Los Angeles then you are in luck, as she is comes to these cities to see clients. If you live there, then I urge you to book yourself in for one of the best massages you will ever experience, with one of the loveliest women in her field behind those magic fingers.

Fiona Keane can be contacted directly at

To book a treatment with Fiona Keane at The Milestone Hotel, please contact her on 07799 646800. Her list of treatments & prices is here.

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Ah, the Milestone Hotel – they are so charming there.
Have to try the spa when next in London.


oh you must! LLGxx


So cool… You really seemed to love getting massaged by her.. well, it’s a good thing you had a relaxing time..


I know this masseuse and can recommend her 🙂

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