Roland Mouret showed his SS11 collection in Paris this morning. Last week I wore his Gali wool dress to the Milan launch of his menswear line Mr.

This dress gives you curves you never knew you had. I’ve been searching for my waist for years now and then, suddenly in a hotel room in Milan, there it was, thanks to Roland’s genius cut, archititectural folding, specially treated fabric and supremely flattering fit.

This dress doesn’t try any cheap tricks to make the wearer look and, above all, feel alluring. There’s no gratuitous flash of flesh, no too tight fit. It has a sleeve, one cleverly built so its width, whilst avoiding footballer shoulders, makes the waist seem narrower, and it hits well below the knee, but has a sinuous zipper, snaking from nape to hem, that somehow gives you a curvy bottom where before there was a pancake.

It does show off the breasts, but with a clever pleat & fold over the cleavage, so beholders taller than the wearer can’t look down their front, but can still admire what is on show.

I have never, ever felt more contained, more together, more alluring than when I wore this dress. And I really thought I was immune to the siren call of the perfect dress.

The Gali wool dress by RM by Roland Mouret £1250 from Net a Porter


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you look lovely. I have loved his dresses for awhile as I have a figure they would flatter–I think ( curvy and busty but thinish,) Alas, they are too expensive for me. My breaking point for a dress is about 350 and that’s a rarity. Any suggestions for more affordable designers in America who flatter curves? I have a cap sleeved sheath by DVF that I love that has trim on the chest that narrows me nicely as I usually stick with vneck–but sometimes for work that’s too much. Esp since I work with priests:) But you do look lovely-and it’s especially cool you have a friendship with the designer.


Gorgeous. That dress looks great on you – is it black or navy? I’ve only seen it in magenta or dove grey for sale.


It looks lovely, sophisticated. I like your hair as well, the way it’s curling under.


You look lovely .. I think next time I treat myself to a new dress it will be one of his, I feel the same way you do in my A McQueen dress. The cut is so wonderful that I have an amazing body.. I have a good body but not amazing I can assure you LOL


Even though this dress costs more than my monthly mortgage, I’m actually tempted. Ha, ha! Joking aside, I agree with Kate – are there any affordable designers who flatter curves? The most I can pay is about £200.


GOD! That’s my kinda frock hon. Wish I had that kind of money to spend on dresses. The most I have ever spent on a frock was about £125 for my sisters wedding and that seemed over the top! Note to self (must get better job!) Boo hoo, sobs quietly. BTW you look amazing in it.


You did indeed look absolutely stunning in that dress!!! XX


Dear LLG, you look fab in that dress, also your hair and skin are amazing!


you look completely fabulous- are those Rupert shoes I spot to?

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