My diet here precludes anything with lactose, nightshade (potato, tomato, aubergine) or histamine.

Very early (0600hrs): A teaspoon of a base mineral powder & a teaspoom of Epsom salts dissolved in warm water (and then back to sleep)

Breakfast at 0915hrs: A a beautifully presented white china tray with a small bowl of 1cm fingers of stale spelt bread, a one egg omelette, a tiny tussock of cress, and a generous glass of sheep’s yoghurt all of which, because I don’t eat breakfast much, I found hard to finish. You really are expected to chew every mouthful 40 times to aid digestion, you aren’t supposed to talk or read during meals, and you can’t drink anything. I take the first of the day’s handful of pills and supplements.

Mid-morning (1030hrs): a mineral supplement, a teaspoon of a base mineral powder dissolved in warm water & a cup of herbal liver tea (BEYOND vile)

Lunch at 1230hrs: I’m on the mild food combining level one menu. No, me neither. It translates into a tiny cup of tomato & basil soup, and four small fluffy blinis sandwiched together with three purees, of parsnip, Swede and courgette. It all looks fantastic, colourful and appealing, and tastes good too. Again, even though the portions are mouse-sized, because it’s much earlier in the day than I normally eat, I find it hard to finish. More pills & supplements.

Mid- afternoon (1600hrs): mineral supplement and a teaspoon of a base mineral powder dissolved in warm water.

Supper at 1800hrs: This makes me want to weep: a teapot of vegetable broth and again a small bowl of 1cm wide fingers of stale spelt bread. It’s taken between 18-1900hrs which means that by 2200hrs I am ravenous. Fortunately one of the other residents is fully up to speed on everything here and told me about the flasks of broth left at the herbal tea station. So far, nipping down there at 2130hrs for a pot of broth is about the only thing keeping me going. Amazing how you can visualize that hot thin soup into a meal in your head – and your stomach.

Around 2100hrs: a teaspoon of a base mineral powder dissolved in warm water, a cup of vegetable broth & a cup of herbal liver tea

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That top picture is definitely worth a thousands words describing near emptiness. Not to mention all that parsley. You poor thing — I hope it does you lots of good.


Sounds very strict but hopefully it will help in the long run! I find it very hard to eat things I don’t like, smell vile… basically I am a VERY picky eater! Well done so far and fingers crossed it all helps, and enjoy having a rest x


Good grief. I echo Pierre. Hoping for much improved health & vigor for you. I (almost) feel guilty for eating dinner tonight.


Oh my, hang in there! I’m sure you’ll feel great by the end of it all!


It all sounds absolutely vile!


I’m afraid it sounds awful. I’ve just had a piece of Lindt Chilli Chocolate for you. It was lovely.

Hope you feel better soon. xx


broth for supper. ouch, LLG, but i do wish i had your stamina and strength. you go girl. inshallah, you’ll be feeling better. love, s


Bloody ell women! is it kill or cure?

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