The Viva Mayr clinic is probably best known for effective weight loss, but this is as much a side effect of the clinic’s focus on healing the body’s digestive processes and the detox regimen it prescribes, as it is a direct result.

As I explained yesterday, I’m not here for weight loss, rather a re-boot & tune up of my body’s workings. Having already lost 10lbs through sickness this year, I’m not frantic to lose more (although I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be happy with a little reduced curvage). But with the regimen here I think it would be almost impossible not to lose weight, regardless of your ultimate goal.

Upon arrival you are handed a thick binder explaining everything you could possibly need to know about the clinic, and with your first full day schedule. Mine read simply:

0815hrs Massage 50 mins
1045hrs First medical check-up

Yesterday, was Viva Mayr lite. After hauling myself out of bed at the equivalent of 0645hrs GMT, and having an exceptional massage, where I could feel the writers’ knots being smoothed out of my shoulders, I downed the first of my daily glasses of Epsom salts. I didn’t dare to take them before the massage: they send you rushing to the loo within the hour as your entire colon empties vigorously.

The daily am dose is an integral part of the Mayr cure and this must be one of the only places in the world where there is a loo round every corner and where it is acceptable to abruptly  break off conversation and head smartly towards a bathroom.

After breakfast I had an appointment with a doctor, where we discussed my health problems, and he doled out the first in a series of pills and potions. First up was a base powder of minerals to be taken four times a day, a mouth oil to be swished around for 10 minutes pre-tooth brushing in the morning, & another mineral pill twice daily.


In the afternoon I was scheduled for a 30min applied kinesiology test, which turned into an hour. It was, as we were talking about me, endlessly fascinating, and confirmed my parasite infection and poorly liver. It also implied a lactose and a histamine intolerance, which apparently connects to the parasites.

So: more pills. It’s not all complementary medicine here: I was prescribed a conventional parasite treatment, plus milk thistle to support my liver and an antioxidant. Thank God they write instructions on each with a permanent marker as I lost track within a minute.

I’m also having a daily glutathione infusion via a 20min drip to help my poorly liver, and am also supposed to drink two cups of the most VILE herbal liver tea and do a special liver compress wrap with a cold towel and a hot water bottle for an hour before I got to sleep.

If I remember to take & do everything it will be nothing short of a miracle.

LLG is a guest of Viva Mayr

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Best wishes to you, dear Sasha. I’ll keep you in my prayers. It is so not fun to be sick. My blog has languished this past year, due in part to exhaustion (and the lovely dehydration) that I experienced in May (what happened to us in May?!)

I really think it is wonderful that you trust your readers enough to share, so that we in turn can offer support. You’ve become a dear friend as I read about your adventures, and I’m certain that many, many others feel the same way.



Good luck with it all – sounds so intense it’s got to work! K x


Yes, what Shari wrote (first line & 2nd paragraph. Hope Shari recovers soon too). Very interested to know about your experience at the Clinic & hope you will continue to blog about it. Courage & good healing, dear LLG.


Sounds like hard work!


I can’t wait to hear how you got on. I’ve visited every naturopath, homeopath, dietician, nutritionist and health spa within my reach to address some lifelong health problems and would LOVE to do a whole week somewhere to really blitz it, rather than repeatedly trying to incorporate yet another new supplement into my frenetic pill-taking to try and cure all.
Looking forward to the next update.
Grace x


I hope you feel better after this visit.
Glad we still get updates even if you are there to relax!


So glad to hear that everything is progressing nicely.
I detox once a year, and have taken some interesting potions including epsom salts, oh and the lovely castor oil, yummy!!
You are inspiring me to take control of my errant ways, so I have made a couple of changes over the last day or so, although not on a grand scale you understand, but, it’s a start.
Keep up the good work, hopefully you will be delighted with the results, x.


the most important thing: you’ll rest. Ask the doctor about Liv’52. Maybe is good for you.


Mmm, liver tea. — Ruby

Ah, sweet, sweet sleep, please give it my regards, haven’t spent time together in years. Your routine sounds intense…and so healing. Take good care and rest well.


get well soon, dear LLG. x shayma

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