I am not known for my healthy lifestyle. Sure, I’m vegetarian, don’t smoke, do my errands by bike whenever I can wherever I am, drink little alcohol and less coffee, and try not to medicate myself too much, but I work too many hours of the day, don’t sleep enough, often eat crap because I’m too tired or haven’t had a chance to go to the shops, and don’t exercise enough.

But I dream of being healthier, more together, more efficient. Sure, this year hasn’t helped: fire, parental divorce, family illness, money worries, no fixed address, growing LLG, but I know there are changes I need to make. I know this because my body is telling me.

I got sick in May. Properly, comprehensively sick. I wrote a little about it here, but I didn’t come back to it much on the blog. Other people’s illness is rarely interesting and I was in danger of boring myself, let alone all of you.

It doesn’t help that I tend to underplay illness. Lil’sis has MS, and anything compared to what she goes through is pretty small beer. But I was pulled up short by my consultant two weeks ago who told me that when I was admitted to hospital over the May Bank Holiday, after flying in from Madrid in a right state, I was very, very unwell indeed.

A highly inflamed liver and eosinophilia had been discovered. It’s an elevated white blood cell count that is caused by six different things, ranging from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to allergies. It is also caused by a tropical parasite infection and, after turning me into a human pin cushion in the phlebotomy department over two months, this is what we were left with after everything else was ruled out. It made sense, considering I had visited the Dominican Republic back in April and had swum in a freshwater lagoon. (I know, I know.)

This continued testing and feeling unwell is why I have remained in England since the end of May, instead of returning to my life in Manhattan. Fortunately all the abnormal levels in my blood and liver, which were showing bright red back in May on the consultant’s screen, are now back to black, although I still have residual eosinophilia and am not wholly better. The utterly brilliant NHS Infectious Diseases unit at the Royal Free hospital & the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London have done everything they can for me now, and I was signed off just before London Fashion Week, with an order to not overdo it.


Averaging five hours of sleep a night owing to workload for the past month would have been tricky at the best of times, but now it has pretty much brought me to my knees. I tried very hard to act normal during LFW, although I felt like I had been hit by a truck all the time, and what kept me going was knowing that the moment it was done & dusted I would be flying off to Klagenfurt in Austria, to the Viva Mayr Centre for Modern Medicine on the shores of Lake Worth, for a comprehensive workover, a look at my digestion and the hours of blissful sleep that have eluded me this month.

LLG is a guest of Viva Mayr

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So sorry to hear about this. As someone who had to take time off for major surgery after trying to fend off the inevitable, I know what it means to run your body ragged with the resulting ”enough!!” and forced relaxation that you thought you could not afford.

Rest up and get better soon.



Hope it does the trick and you are soon fighting fit.


I’m so glad you are there. It will take time for your body to recover – rest and relax my love. xxx (And Jilly Cooper always does wonders).


Aw, I’m sorry to hear about your illness. It’s rubbish when you’re not well.

Get well soon – we need you back on the front line writing about things we’d all love to be experiencing. You’re our glamour fix. xx


Rest up and enjoy the not doing… we do do do sooo much don’t we and expect way too much from our bodies. Be well and keep us posted on what sounds like an amazing clinic. x


ps.) my younger sister is also lil’sis (she’s the carla of sisters guild, the one who’s ‘voice’ is on twitter). I’m the older sis, currently beavering away getting our online boutique ready. Anyhow, I love that you have lil’sis too x


Sure hope this is the place that can help you. So sorry you’ve been going through this…hope you feel better! I’m sure NY misses you too.


I had no idea of the extent of your illness LLG. Frankly, I don’t know how you’ve managed to juggle everything these last few months. Here’s hoping that the Austrian air and the clinic does its magic and you’ll be much, much better very soon.


Miss W


Hope you have a restful and restorative week


All I can say is: I know how you feel (or right close) & echo the others that I hope this will be sorted out soon & that you rest (& obey!). Thinking good thoughts for you.

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