Mayr room view

I awoke in the English countryside this morning folded up like a piece of origami. With my mother away and most of the rooms in mustn’t be touched lock down (the house is being sold so tidiness is all), I  had chosen the only single bed in the house, in my father’s old dressing room.

What I hadn’t factored into the equation was that Billy the not that small at all whippet’s delight in seeing me would cause him to snuggle down on the bottom half of the tiny bed and refuse to budge until I woke this morning.

I’m still feeling like a piece of origami, even after a brisk 7am crab apple kicking walk across the dew laden mist-hovering lawns to feed the sheep, because I had to drive a Transit van to Stansted on a traffic jam clogged M1 & M25. (I had driven it up from London the night before laden with books, and it was easier & cheaper to do a one way drop at the airport, than flog all the way back to London & out again on the ruinous Stansted Express). There’s nothing like pent up traffic rage to cause hunched shoulders.

I then stood for what seemed like hours in order to get on to my delightful Ryanair flight, whilst hauling enough back-breaking snacks & water to ensure I wasn’t tempted to order any of Ryanair’s wallet-rinsing refreshments.

But the origami back doesn’t matter because my ultimate destination was the Viva Mayr Clinic in Maria Worth, Austria and, according to my schedule, I have a 55minute massage booked in at 0815hrs tomorrow morning, before my spelt bread breakfast and my preliminary medical appointment with one of the resident doctors.

Nothing like starting as you mean to go on…

Above: the view at 6pm from my suite over Lake Worth.

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I can’t wait to read your post about the Mayr clinic. I came across an article (The Road to Wellville) in the NY Times about it a few years ago and it sounds intriguing – if not a trifle confronting. Good luck!


Cool! Are you going to tell us about this place? How it works for you? I’ve always wanted to try something like Canyon Ranch and the like, but could never really commit to the fact that they might tell me I’m doing EVERYTHING wrong.


Good luck at the clinic. I hope you are back in full health soon. Something that is missed quite often is coeliac disease; it sounds like you had a pretty complete work-up, but just in case, it is something you might want to have the blood work done for.


Have always wanted to try out the Mayr Clinic! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Perhaps on the next trip over…


Oh dear,
detoxing is boring enough, but this one sounds grim.

I suspect you are being starved prior to purging!

In the words of the song “Things can only get better,” try and get a few messages out, – we readers can always hatch an escape plan x.


You are staying at the Mayr? My husband wants to drag me there next year (I am all for Barbados instead) – he’s the one who wants to detox. The thing is, I am Austrian. There’s no way I am going home without indulging in apple strudel with vanilla sauce, germknoedel or kaiserschmarrn. I have been told it’s not on the menu at the Mayr?
Enjoy Austria. MMxx


Enjoy the Viva Mayr. I think it saved my sanity as well as improving my health and well being. I am evangelical about the place. I would love to hear what you wore to the dining room during your stay, what exactly is the dress code when dinner is a stale spelt roll and herbal tea?


Oh ! I’m so jealous ! Always wanted to try that fabulous Mayr clinic, not so much for the food ( bit basic eh ?) than for the wonderful setting and all the pampering you will get…might be a ‘dorf’ nearby where you could pop in for tea and biscuits ? Keep us posted !

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