So many amazing comments & stories. And fascinating too, to see what your favourite products were – I think it was pretty equally split between the Uniqlo cashmere sweater and the French Sole ballet flats.  (The full list of products is here.)

Thank you to all 457 readers who left a comment.

In the end I picked my favourite ten entries, wrote their names on paper spills, and pointed them at Posetta. The winner is the owner of the spill she chewed first.

The recipient of, well, everything, is….drum roll, please:


Who wrote: “Spoilt for choice! It’s like being a child in the most scrumptious sweet shop!

Like you, Sasha, I find a deep and wholesome pleasure in baking beautiful things and for the most part of the summer, I’ve had a weekly penchant for rosewater cupcakes and toasted coconut macaroons!

Sadly, this proclivity, coupled with a new job and demanding hours, hoiked up my size to an uncomfortable 16 and my confidence took a real bash. I spent a few miserable weeks feeling rather sorry for myself, then decided to take the bull by the horns and attempt to regain my figure!

After many, many weeks of toiling in the gym (and bopping around ridiculously in a punishing Body Combat class!) I’m thrilled to say I’ve managed to slim to a size 12/14 — a comfortable weight for my rather Hobbity height!

Therefore, I’m irresistably drawn to the Current/Elliot combat jeans! The casually sexy, fabulously distressed style and thigh-skimming fit would be the perfect garment for me to celebrate my new shape in — I’d wear them with slinky black heels and pretty floral top!”

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Congratulations to Lara – this will be a proper confidence boost!

Thanks again for organising such an amazing giveaway, and I’m glad it is going to someone who sounds so nice. Well picked Posetta.


Christ on a barge! What can I say except THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

When I woke up this morning after having a rather bizarre dream about fending off zombies with a frozen loaf of rye bread (don’t ask!) and my Blackberry buzzed with a new email, in my half-awake state I sleepily caught the word ‘Winner’ and thought I must still be dreaming!

When I realised it meant being the grateful recipient of the much-coveted LLG prize, I nearly had a heart attack!!!

I am absolutely sure everyone says this but I can honestly say that I’ve never, ever won anything in my life – not even a biro – and it’s been quite a rotten few months of living on a shoestring, so words truly cannot express how gratefully these wonderful things will be received and treasured.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the very lovely Sasha, who’s style and prose I have admired so much for many months now, and to all the lovely brands and publicists LLG mentions (and Briony!) who were kind enough to donate these fabulous things.

Following in Sasha’s inspiring footsteps, I would also like to make a donation to the MS Trust.

Once again, T H A N K Y O U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much love,

Lara xxx


congrats to the lucky winner!


Congratulations Lara, I won’t lie I’m very jealous!! 🙂

I shall be a gracious loser (even though I don’t want to be!) and say well done you on the weight loss, I’m sure you’ll look fabulous in the beautiful Current/Elliott combat jeans! Enjoy all of your amazing win!

p.s. LLG – I cannot think of a better way to choose the winner!



Congrats! Muchly jealous


Congratulations Lara!


Many congratulations to the lucky winner – from a very jealous contestant 😛

Enjoy the goodies!



Many congratulations to the lucky winner – from a jealous contestant 😛

Enjoy the goodies!


Congrats Lara, have fun with the goodies!!


ah well done! sniff!

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