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Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea that Figleaves had their own lingerie line (shame on me), Just Peachy (HIDEOUS name), and that the bras comesin small back/large cup size options too.

I ordered this bra in black, along with a number of other twice-as-expensive bras, for just £16. The only one that fitted, and looked anything near the photograph once on my non-model’s body, was the  much  cheaper Just Peachy one. It’s a great shape, extremely comfortable and supportive without looking remedial.

I had put this bra from the range in the LLG Recommends section but, after a protracted conversation on Twitter today, where we discussed the horror of searching for a decent sports bra that stops jiggle for large bosoms and then moved on to bras proper, I thought I’d pop this in the main LLG section, as I think it deserves a wider audience.

I’m very much liking that their styles come in lots of colours too, at a very competitive price. Sure, you can buy a bra for a tenner from Per Una at M&S, but I don’t find they fit or last very well, and they certainly don’t give much support.

This is the Just Peachy Bra £16.

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THANK YOU, LLG – being another gal who’s well-endowed of chest, I’m forever on the hunt for nice undies that’ll actually do what they’re supposed to without costing me a mortgage payment. Will be ordering forthwith.

(On the sports bra side of things, I’m a fan of the Nike hold-em-all-in number. It’s perfect, even for the rigours of running.)


No-mentioned this one on your Twitter discussion but I’ve found that the best sports bra for running is the Enell, available from figleaves. Not attractive or sexy, but fantastic if you don’t want any movement. I’ve run the marathon in one of these and it’s very comfortable and no worries about the spectators being transfixed by my chest!


Thanks S! You know how I’m always looking for great new supportive (but sexy) alternatives to the expensive brands. And I shop with Figleaves all the time…


One other question: In the photo the underband looks pretty serious i.e. long. I have a short waist so I generally aim for partial band or narrow full bands. Can you comment on the underband?


hey love, I’m shortwaisted too, but actually it’s just a lace frill, not a band. The bottom of the bra is the underwire LLGxx


Nice post!

We promote and review most fig leaves product! can’t believe you haven’t stumbled upon them. The just peachy bra really is a hot item and won’t break the bank. Looking forward to more of your bra related posts

Richard Vincente
Lingerie Talk


These are the best sports bras I have ever owned:
The only problem is the brand is not readily available outside of Australia. I am Australian and recently move to New York and cannot find a decent sports bra over here. I will have to stock up on Berlei when I go home for a visit.


Magic blog congratulations !

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