I took a year out of fashion in 2009: if you were reading my blog back then you’d have followed me as I single handedly drove 5000 miles around California taking in all manner of experiences from Coachella &  the Beverly Hills Hotel to  gigs in LA and canyon hiking in Santa Barbara, before heading to New Jersey, where I hung with my darling boys GG & Y, with Finchley & Max the Basset hounds and did a LOT of cooking (& eating).

I didn’t buy anything, eschewing the shops completely, and tuned out the fashion world chatter to write like a fury.

When I surfaced again in February this year at London Fashion Week I felt like an alien, with my head stuck on a permanent 360 degree swivel as I constantly checked out everyone’s clothes & accessories in the manner of a fashion-starved lunatic.

The one trend that hit me full square was for high wedge daytime lace-ups. In particular, Miss Dixon of SMYW was rocking a Chloe pair if memory serves, and I want, want, wanted. But I also figured that it was a fleeting trend. Fashion people had been wearing wedges one way and another for a couple of seasons and I couldn’t see the trend lasting, especially with the new pared down elegance that was filtering though.

Okay, so I was wrong. This really, really annoys me, as I have pretty finely tuned fashion radar, even I don’t always wear the stuff myself. And now, of course, I really, really want a pair. Of course I saw the PERFECT boots by Castaner in 10 Corso Como in Milan on Friday morning, but since I don’t have EUR360 to spend on shoes, I’ve been trawling the interwebs.

So: above are the Castaner pair I cannot justify right now, as a starting point.

Mel over at Fashion Editor at large has the  fabulous Surface to Air ones, but they are a little high on the leg for me (am shorter than she, & will look like Max Wall, all feet and toothpick legs). I  really want the Gap Design Edition by Pierre Hardy wedges which are a more wallet friendly £89/$195 – but they aren’t due to drop, in the US at least, until October 19th.

gap-by-pierre-hardy wedges

So, since I don’t have EUR360 to spend on the Castaners & Gap’s aren’t available yet, I’ve been trawling the interwebs. Well, actually, which fortuitously has just launched in the US. First up: Clarks Originals Yarra Suede Desert Boot£99

Clark's wedge desert boot

ASOS TOTALLY Suede Premium Crepe Lace Up Boots £110:

ASOS blue wedge

Head Over Heels Elmo Sports Wedge £45.00:
ASOS black wedge
Sam Edelman Wakefield Lace Front Peep Toe Wedge Shoe Boot £170, which are stocked in lovely Whistles in the UK & in the US here:

Sam Edelman black wedge

and these ASOS Anger black wedges, £75, below

ASOS anger black wedge

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I have never understood the appeal of a wedged boot, I either like them with a heel, or flat .. but a wedge to be is for a sandal high and sexy like Terry De Havilland xx


I was thinking about these lace up boots too, but not sure if I REALLY want them yet. I’m actually thoroughly surprised with NEXT’s offering of shoes, have they hired new designers for their AW collection?

Also in love with Topshops Amore shearling boots too.


Have a look at the new look website. I don’t normally shop there but I did get a pair of (very comfy) wedge desert boots from there at the beginning of summer for £40.


LLG, I’m with you on the Pierre Hardy wedges. They are gorgeous. I love a good wedge and have had several over the last few years which I refuse to part with. I actually dragged a gorgeous pair of patent caramel/cork wedges out of the back of the wardrobe today to wear with highwaisted flares to drinks with friends. I will admit I teetered for the first half and hour – it had been a while, but soon found my stride. I’ll post a piccie on my blog tomorrow and let you know in case you are interested. In the meantime, its only 13 days until we fly to the UK for the family holiday so I’ve popped the PH wedge boots to my list of ‘things to try and buy’ along with a visit to NEXT and TopShop (thanks A Brit Geek).
Have a great day


hmm I’m not sure if I like the look of the wedge boot. I’m sure they’ll be more comfortable than stiletto boots, but they look slightly odd (to me). I’d have to try on a pair and see if I could walk in them.

I need a new pair of boots this season but I wouldn’t buy these to take to Norway with me as there’s going to be show and they’d get ruined. It depends on what occasion you’d wear these and the weather. I’d hate to pay a lot of money for these boots and they get ruined by the elements. I actually like a simpler design of boot in leather or suede. I’d try them on but I think they’re not really my style but you never know.


I am just never sure on the wedge boot? Some of those ASOS ones may change my mind though! e xx


Nope. I thought that when I saw them online in shows & nope. Not for me. I like ones with heels & also flats but not the wedge. (I have & do wear wedges — not this extreme – in shoes…but not these.) I say that with some relief…one more thing not longing to have. (I like the uppers on many of these, though I realize that’s not liking them in toto.)


Yep – I’m with Susan and Ruth… I think wedge boots are desperately ugly and clumpy and should be consigned to the fashion wasteland along with clogs (and DEFINITELY clog boots). Oh, and the colour camel. Call me old-fashioned but I far prefer the brogues you talked about – truly and effortlessly cool rather than trendy for the sake of it.


I love the Castaner pair, but only from afar. I venture into Ace Frehley territory with this look.


Very helpful article! These have been the thing I’ve lusted after, Opening Ceremony W6 Lace Up Wedges

and are very similar to the Castaners (unfortunately in price range too 🙁 )

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