I’m going to be honest here: I cannot ABIDE banana bread. The cooked banana is a thing of horror as far as I am concerned and I would rather not have to deal. However.

When Clare and her family left me in charge when they went on holiday this summer, they left a bunch of bananas in the fruit bowl that gradually got blacker and blacker. Not one to let anything in the kitchen go to waste, I thought I’d better rustle up a quick banana bread, which I duly took to supper with friends.

My mother always uses black bananas for her bread, God knows why, and who am I to diverge from tradition? So I cut up the beastly things and knocked up a dough by trial and error.

I’m far too wary of things sticking so I used one of those clever fluted paper loaf tin liner things. If you are a braver man than I, by all means go ahead and grease up your tin. I do rather like the pretend pro look paper liners give tho.

Anyway, you’ll need to pre-heat the over to 180 C/350F. Then take 120g caster sugar
½ tsp salt, and 360g self-raising flour dumped into a food processor, to which you add
1 medium egg, 130ml milk. Not that blue skimmed stuff. Proper milk, please. And 50g melted butter. Mix it up.

This gives you a very wet looking dough. If you are used to cake batter, as I am, you’ll be convinced something is wrong. It’s not. Tip it out into a bowl.

Add 4 ripe bananas, peeled and chunked. They’ll be all slimey, so do the best you can. Fold them in carefully.

Flump the mixture into your prepped loaf tin and cook for at least an hour. I think mine took 1hr 20mins. You can do the comes-out-clean skewer test. Just make sure you aren’t skewering a piece of slimey banana as that makes the skewer look clean, giving you a false-positive, so to speak. If, when you check on it after an hour and it looks brown but is still gungey inside, pop a piece of greaseproof on top to stop the top catching.


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I love it and this looks grand. I think you used the black ones for the squidge factor and over ripe flavour.


That looks soooooooooo yummy! lovely food styling too x


nom nom!


that’s funny – I hate bananas, but I do like banana bread. Yours looks delicious too!


Ugh, I love bananas.. banana ice cream, banana yoghurt, banana squash, banana milkshake, banana everything. But whenever I’ve tried making banana bread it comes out really boring, like a failed cake with no real banana flavour, no matter how many bananas I’ve used. It’s a tragedy. And it’s always definitely a cake, never a bread. I’m going to try your recipe too and see if it’s any better than the countless ones (well, about three) I’ve tried before. It does look good though!


I love banana bread and banana cake. Delicious!


I like banana bread if the bananas are well mashed–can’t abide the chunks (even that word makes me squirm!). And slimey? Even worse!


Oh, bananas. Give them to me, in all shapes, colours and conditions. Slimey, chunky, lumpy – I don’t mind. And that bread looks impossibly delicious. MMxx


i *adore* bananas- in bread, in a pudding, in a milkshake. love this recipe esp with the flump’ing! xx shayma


My fave banana bread recipe is at the Simply Recipes site which is just generally fantastic. It is so easy, and all done in one bowl. The darker the bananas, the better the flavour, but don’t let them go moldy or split. Very little fat, just a small amount of melted butter. Only one egg as well. Bicarb of soda added to the plain flour. I have never had a fail with it and the many positive agree. I use mostly light brown sugar in mine which deepens the flavour.

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