When lil’sis  & I visited The Porchester Spa recently, we both booked in for body scrubs. As I lay on my slab being scrubbed with a wonderfully energising coffee mixture, lil’sis was next to me being buffed with the most extraordinary smelling goop.

Her therapist Sandie Duncan was using her own Brown Sugar Body Polish, developed after she felt there was a gap in the market for a wholly natural body scrub, with no parabens or chemicals.  She’s an incredible therapist –  my sister said her exfoliation treatment was one of the best she has ever experienced, and Sandie has taken that feel for people and put it into her personal range of products.


Using all her years of therapist know-how she developed & tested it on herself (no animal testing), and named her fledgling product range after her children.A mixture of natural salt, brown sugar and blended essential oils, it leaves your skin both nourished and super soft, and is handmade by Sandie in the UK.


There are currently four products in the range. As Sandie puts it: There’s rub me, the heavenly brown sugar polish, stroke me, a body oil, melt me a  body butter, and heal me a balm.

She will also refill her glass jars,  once empty, at a discounted price, as she thinks they are too lovely to discard.

(And don’t forget there’s a special offer at The Porchester Spa for LLG readers here)

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wah! Why are you blogging about all these lovely, lovely things four weeks after I left London!I I so want…


Love this product, lovely smell, the scrub itself is totally invigorating and moistures really well. In fact I look as if I’ve been in the sun after I’ve finished!!

Plus it’s all natural… this!! Nice one Sandie….


Hi there, I just had a scrub with Sandie at the Porchester Spa, I loved it so much I decided to buy some and the Luscious butter, it just melted in my hand and smelt of Terry’s chocolate orange mmm tasty products….


Love the sound of this scrub, and love the packaging gorgeus uplifting fuschia pink……..want some when I return from LA


I just had a massage with Sandie this morning and afterwards she handed me one of Tia & Anda cards. I immediately knew that I’d seen it on here as part of your Porchester Spa posts. She gave me the best massage I’ve ever had in London – definitely going back to get a scrub now!


you must! The scrub is AMAZING! LLGxx

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