I’m not sure I can even call this a recipe, seeing as it’s more a case of assembling. But no matter, it’s still delicious, and looks impressive for a light summer-y lunch. Okay – I know it’s now September, but today was delightful – a full 70C, and certainly hot enough for us to eat outdoors at my mother’s house in the countryside, to where I’ve hopped for a weekend of writing and sleeping.

I took six courgettes, cut them into fat slices, maybe three from each courgette, drizzled over a little oil and then slapped them onto a pre-heated ridged cast iron pan for about 3-4 minutes each side. (Try not to move them about too much, otherwise you won’t get the nice stripey lines.)  If you don’t have this kind of pan, then try grilling/broiling them, or even putting them on the barbecue/grill in the summer.


The salad was chopped romaine lettuce, peeled & cubed cucumber and watercress.  To the courgettes I added some chopped up mozzarella bucconcini balls, and some torn fresh mint from the garden. Lots of Maldon salt, freshly ground black pepper and good olive oil finished it.

The courgettes can be cooked in advance, and served cool (but, please, not cold from the fridge as it kills the flavour), but these were still warm, which was lovely as the cheese softened slightly.


Any soft cheese would be good. I’m thinking feta, crumbled goats cheese or even grilled halloumi.

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Thanks for reminding us about doing this. I’ve several zucchini & also small eggplants from the farmers mkt on Thursday. It’s still very warm in DC, of course, but cooled a bit. Anyway, I do this inside as no grill but lovely anyway. Have a good weekend…well, what’s left of it.



looks nice and a good idea to have courgettes in a salad like this i usually have them quite bland in a pasta.



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