The first thing I do each season is to buy a new sketchbook. It can’t be too big as it has to fit into whichever bag or clutch I’m toting around each day, but it can’t be so small that my writing becomes illegible.

Although I’d like to be able to say that I fill my books with wondrous sketches each season, that would be a lie. I cannot draw. Not even a tiny bit, so I just make notes as the looks come down the runway.

The notes aren’t just for whatever article or blog post I am planning, they are my reference bible for the next six months. Without those notes, I’d have nothing to refer back to during the season, which is just one of the reasons why the trend for laptop companies to try to foist loaner computers on bloggers so that they can “blog from the front row” as one approach last season read, is so risible.

I found this notebook in English stationers Rymans for a mere £4.99. It’s filled with proper cartridge paper, so it’s a joy upon which to write; there is also a black ribbon marker and a handy elastic strap so I can put show notes & invitations inside it each day. I’m not sure yet if it’ll be *the* notebook, but I thought I should buy it just in case I don’t have time to head to Smythson before the shows start.


Ryman sketchbook£4.99

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I love this post. I find that when much of your life circulates around a laptop, sometimes it’s easy to forget that, as a writer, you should always have a pen and notebook on you. I like these simple, blank ones as well. Hope you have an amazing time at FW!

Love Alexandra


It’s my first LFW ax a professional buyer so shall be logging in to hear your tips. So far so good x

P.S is it geeky to be hugely excited or just geeky to admit to it?!


Hi Sasha
Great notebook! I wish I had an occasion that would warrant something like that – Fashion Week must be incredible, and you seem very prepared. However, how do you like the Smythson notebooks? I am thinking of buying a diary for 2011 from them and was wondering what you thought of them. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere near me, so I wouldn’t mind hearing an opinion before buying one online.


Ahhh, gotta love Rymans for excellent notebooks. xx


Yay! to see your post about stationery, neither Moleskine or Smython (I love them), very basic and classic one.
Besides a pencil with an eraser! Another classic.
Every time I make a glance to my jotter and notebook, I believe that digital gadgets haven’t beaten paper in terms with speed and reliability – no need of battery and launch each app.


I’d love to peek inside one of those filled sketchbooks of yours!

Miss B xx


trying to find an email address for you… x


I agree with Alexandra above. As dependant as I am on my laptop, I do still carry around an old-fashioned, paper Filofax and a spiral-bound A5 notebook from Black’n’Red. I never go out without them, so when technology fails my life doesn’t actually ground to a halt!


I’ve just been writing up a post about journals that my local bookshop have got in stock! Yours is very elegant and entirely suited to scribbling down notes at London Fashion Week.

I don’t think if you scribbled in a journal labelled ‘Earthshatteringly Amazing Ideas’ you would have the same gravitas!

Ali x


Lovely find, indeed. As a notebook & stationery nerd, I salute you. And now, a bit off topic, I see Rebecca, Top Bird commented above. Oh, Wee Birdy, I hope you’re all right. I miss your posts.

Good weekend to all. xo

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