Stuff No One Told Me is a blog set up by Alex Noriega, a 29 year old cartoonist from Barcelona, to showcase his work. His  drawings almost always hit a nerve. This cartoon seems particularly apt for those working in the fashion industry.

(Originally via India Knight’s Posterous.)

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Love it! I’m going to his blog right now! thanks for sharing!


Yep – his stuff is great. I subscribe 😉

Ali x


Love this. It reminds me of my motto on life: ‘don’t compare yourself to other people as you will either feel superior or inferior’


Great reminder. So simple, yet so true 😉


Am a huge fan of this site too. It looks a bit like Edward Monkton but sounds like a mellower version of Sh*t My Dad Says. Like the one that says ‘porn movies and Disney are responsible for the most frustrated people I know’. xx

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