Very fortuitously all my vintage clothes are stored in Clare’s attic – in the very house in which I have been staying since I was discharged from hospital in June. So when I got a call from a magazine wanting a very specific creative using a vintage T-shirt, (under wraps for now), I hopped up the loft ladder for a quick forage.

And imagine my joy when I came across a stash of my band T-shirts from 1989 to about 1992. The Cure, The Wedding Present, Cud, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Wonderstuff. I remember all the gigs as if they were yesterday.

The Cure was at Wembley in the summer of 1989, with lil’sis and my American exchange, The Wedding Present at Northampton Roadmenders in maybe 1990. The Wonderstuff with Clare herself at Brixton Academy in October 1989. I wore the T with a micro black lycra skirt, purple wool tights & Woolworths’ black slip-on plimsolls. Frankly, I’m surprised, given my very tender years, that my parents even let me out of the house.

(And here are the gig tickets I found earlier in the year from the same period.)

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Ah, Neds Atomic Dustbin! They were my first independant gig and the first album I bought!


I would like to marry these shirts!


Great bands – great t-shirts (and thanks for your comment on my blog – it’s nice to feel less alone!)




Soooo jealous. I’d forgotten that I’d even had the Kennedy t-shirt until I saw this. I really wish I’d kept some of my old tees instead of thowing them out when they got a bit faded and torn. Treasure them.


Any chance of a scan of that rare and completely unavailable Wedding Present Ramones style Kennedy t shirt? For personal use only, I promise. I can’t wait to see them do Seamonsters live in November.


Hi there,
Just by happenstance I came across your web page and I’m very interested in knowing more about which Ned’s Atomic Dustbin shirts you have and also your Cure shirts. But I’m definitely more so interested in the Ned’s shirts! And if you are interested in selling any of them to to a dedicated Nedhead who would give them an equally loving home and treasure them .
Most Sincerely,
Stacie Sullivan RN


I had that Cud t-shirt when I was a teenager. Suddenly thought about it today and Ecosia brought me here. Remember those six bottles like it was yesterday. Excellent hoarding work!

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