How is it possible that Anita up a ladder, hefting stuff around a farmyard can look so fabulous? (I promise this wasn’t posed: I looked up & there she was.)

Sasha aka LLG  by the Anglin. (Note tractor in background):

Sasha Wilkins

L’enfant Sacha:

IMG_3139 - Copy

et Sasha le chat (my namesake). It wasn’t at all confusing having 3 x Sashas under one roof.


Trev, in customary pose:


Sutcliffe the rooster:


And last, but not least, my dearest friend M and adora-Lily:


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Lovely, lovely photographs.


My goodness, but Sutcliffe cuts a dash! And Sasha the cat’s fur looks sumptuous!
This has made me smile so much, as after every holiday I’ve been on, I always end up with more photos of the animals I’ve made friends with than anything else.
The place looks devine. Lucky you!

xxx Maddie


I love seeing all your photos from France. It looks idyllic. I particularly love the photo of the lady up the ladder wearing a … is that a red silk and lace underskirt?! Fabulous. May I ask where you bought your lovely leather tote bag with the tiny cut outs?


Lovely photo’s and looks like you are having a wonderful relaxing time! Yay! BTW, Sasha the cat wouldn’t happen to be a ‘Korat’ would he? Mine are and they are fabulous animals… 🙂 Sxx


thank you for sharing these wonderful photos! As a fellow animal lover, may I say that I think you are greatly honored to be named after Sacha the cat! She’s beautiful! (as are you!)


Lovely photographs, and isn’t little Sacha and Lily adorable!


The person under the truck made me smile. This all paints a great picture.

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