I am very lucky, given the unfettered nature of the internet, that 99% of my readers are beyond charming and leave interesting, thoughtful and often funny comments on LLG. But just a few times recently, some readers who violently disagreed with opinions expressed here said some unpleasant things abut both me and other people.

I believe strongly that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. By that I don’t mean that everyone has to agree with all that I write but, if you wish to have a difference of opinion with me, it would be splendid if you could avoid slander, insults, obscenity and general spiteful nastiness when stating your opinions.

And, if you don’t, the karma police WILL get you. (If Posetta Baddog doesn’t get there first.)

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I guess you are referring to the Griswolds. I think we can all reasonably assume that the few people who had an issue with you politely asking fellow train passengers to keep down their obtrusive noise, are in fact Griswolds themselves. Here’s to you pointing out rude and unacceptable behaviour wherever it occurs – you are a trophy girl for the good manners brigade.


Spot on. So sorry you have a visit from the trolls, but they seem to be everywhere at the moment. Yours is about the fifth blog I’ve read this week that’s had this sort of thing happening.


Naively I was quite shocked to read this, but then upon reflection I am sadly not completely unsurprised. I applaud your strength of character to respond, and most importantly I am grateful that you will keep writing so those of us who enjoy and value your opinions can continue to do so… Keep smiling (and blogging) LLG!
Bird x


Sorry to hear about this. I do wish these beastly people could be outed as nasty snipey little wotsits somehow but unfortunately all too often they also lurk beneath anonymous. Here’s hoping they feel shamed by their actions and that the karma police (and Posetta if needs be) get them.


It’s the anonymity. You know those ads for Aviva where everyone is charging round the pavement being vile? Because that’s how badly a lot of people behave when they get behind the wheel of a car. Same for the internet. People feel there’ll be no repercussions and they can be as ill-mannered as they wish.


Just had to flick back over to your train journey blog to see what the Griswolds had said 😉

I think that you were quite right to ask the people to put their earphones on – I don’t even let my son play his Nintendo DS on the ferry (a 30 minute journey) without earphones. It’s all about teaching your offspring to be courteous and considerate of other people’s needs, imo.

Wouldn’t you think that with millions of blogs available, people could just choose to ignore the posts that they don’t really like – or just go elsewhere?!

Hope you’re enjoying your FAB holiday, despite any bloggy unpleasantness 🙂

Ali x


As a soon-to-be father I have found myself contemplating mortality quite a lot recently. Without going too deep it has left me feeling sympathetic towards those people who spend their lives being lazy, vile or unadventurous. Those individuals, for example, who go on to a blog and, in either spite or jealousy, take the time to harangue those people who are taking the opportunities of their time on the planet, deserve sympathy. I am positive that when they look back and wonder what they could have been doing instead, they’ll not be happy and, sadly, their chance will have passed. Even worse, some people will never even reflect and continue in their merry, ignorant way.


Groan. Anonymity is indeed a problem.

Last late summer/early autumn discovered & began to read LLG regularly. You were most eloquent about your wonderful friends – the basset hounds & their people. I think you were in NJ. Anyway, I’d about had it (w/them, not LLG) when finally, there were tussles about a wild turkey. I don’t know if this is familiar. (I’m not feeling too well or I’d go looking for it.)

I’m sure the following “theory” is not new to you but I’ve given it some thought, for reasons related to LLG & far beyond. I think there were a lot of (jealous) people, Sasha, who questioned your “authenticity.” (I did not.) Now that you aren’t anonymous & you are indeed exactly who you said you were, these people are even more annoyed.

At a scary brain scan on Thursday, I may lighten the mood by asking the neuro folks to look for a wild turkey. As I recall there was an outbreak of snippiness about whether your reportage on a flock (?) of wild turkeys was indeed, a bunch of flipping wild turkeys. I also remember a pretty sunset photo, sort of a “from where I sit”…post. I’m sure someone had something to say about that, too. I remember thinking, how lovely. She’s only a few hours north of here & we’re seeing the very same thing. It may be stupid to others, but I found it comforting; also writing in semi-anonymity & not feeling physically well. It brightened my mood.

I cringe at cupcake-and-pink-unicorn blogs (though I do not dislike either a cupcake or question the possibility of a unicorn, pink or otherwise, somewhere in the vast universe). You are so much more in that you actually, you know, have opinions (the horror). The combination of humor, sass, kindness, smarts (go theology & religion undergrads!), & general savoir faire that makes up an authentic voice & strong personality brings out these people.

I wish ‘trolls’ still meant the little wacky Danish toys I had as a child.


PS: Apologies for length…edit away. I can’t believe I earned a living as an editor for so long. Yes, on leave:)


There are clearly lots of people with little else to do but be jealous of others. I too had a rather scathing comment a while back and was quite shocked how rude people can be when in the grand scheme of things it’s not affecting them directly. Keep up the good blogging, the rest of us love it!! e xxx


It really is horrible when people are foul just because they feel they can be. I agree with what’s been said already, the anonymity of the internet seemingly makes some people lose all sense and manners. Face to face they would never say some of the things they do online because, quite frankly, its just not on to do so. I’m sorry the trolls came tramping through your lovely blog. Hopefully they won’t do so again!

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