Imagine my joy on discovering copious rhubarb patches all around the house. I took enormous pleasure in wandering out into the intense heat, armed with an ancient wooden-handled knife, and kneeling in the grass to cut the rhubarb stalks. I trimmed them then & there, tossing the umbrella leaves into the compost bin under the kitchen window.

This cake is a riff on my caramelised apple topping & cinnamon cake, although in this case I doubled the quantities to feed ten for pudding, and made the cake in an enormous non-stick tin I found lurking in the bottom of a drawer.

It went down like a house on fire: Paul (French) had three slices, which I consider the ultimate compliment. (Especially after a giant plate of M’s gigot d’agneau & my pommes boulangeres.)

Anyway this is incredibly simple – really. Use a food processor, and it can be done in 15mins. Takes at least 35mins to cook tho.

Bung the butter & sugar in the processor and whizz to a thick cream together. Add two eggs, whizz. Add 4tbsps of the flour. Whizz. Ad the last two eggs. Whizz. Add the rest of the flour. Whizz. That’s your cake batter.

Pour it into your well-greased cake tin. Scatter over the chopped rhubarb. (You don’t mix it in as it would all just sink to the bottom. This way it distributes itself pretty evenly through the cake as it cooks.) Mix together the butter and flour in the food processor. Pour the resulting crumbs over the rhubarb, and sprinkle over the sugar. That’s your crumble topping.

Put in the oven for at least 35 mins. I think this may have taken about an hour, but I forgot to time it.  I turned the oven down from 180C to about 160C after 30 mins so that the outside wouldn’t get too crispy, whilst the middle cooked. It’s cooked when a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.

400gm butter
400gm caster sugar
4 eggs
400gm self raising flour
eight stalks rhubarb, & chopped into 2cm pieces & tossed with a tbsp of sugar

Crumble toppping
150gm butter
150gm plain flour
30gm caster sugar

NB The tin I used wasn’t loose bottomed, and I was concerned it would stick. I greased it extra thoroughly all over with butter on a bit of kitchen paper, and then shook a tablespoon of flour over it, banging the tin over the sink to get rid of any excess flour.

This ensures a crispy base that doesn’t stick (most of the time). I think for this cake it’s better to go for a wide tin than a deeper one if you have a choice, as it will take far too long too cook otherwise, and you risk a dark brown outside and molten middle. I think my batter was only 2 inches high.


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loves it. rhubarb crumble. maybe some heavy cream on the side? x shayma


Oh my gosh- this looks heavenly! I bet it tastes as good as it looks 🙂


Thanks – looks great L x


Oooh I cannot wait to try this recipe out for myself. Thanks so much for sharing!


That sounds amazing. e xx


That looks bloody delicious and simple to boot. The crumble topping’s such a wonderful idea. My ex-boyfriend made a perfect crumble as he always toasted some of the crumble topping before scattering over the rest to truly ensure a satisfying crunch.
Can’t wait to make this.


Looks fab. there is something lovely about simple cakes for pudding in the heat; I did something similar with peaches myself in the languedoc last week.


Thank you for the recipe, Sasha. It looks delicious. I’ll have to try it soon.


Now I’m desperate to find some rhubarb in the barren August plains of Laurel Canyon. Your cake looks utterly scrumptious.

xx Miss W


im new here LLG, your crumble looks good enough to eat lol xx

love your blog by the way


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