This is the skirt I bought in the Zara by Opéra in Paris on Thursday evening for this A/W. It’s surprisingly flattering, with a narrow cut that would be nigh on impossible to walk in, bar that it has a button through front that stops near the knees so there’s a flash of leg, and I don’t look too mummified in cloth.

I haven’t worn a skirt this long since I bought a very slinky Joseph black satin backed crepe floor length number in 1996. (I found it in the attic last week, but I fear I may be a little plumper fourteen years later). I’m going to wear this one with my black leather Whistles biker jacket (the Lisa).

(I’m not buying into the aviator jacket trend for this season, although I sat with increasing lust through Burberry’s show, and Acne’s aviators make me weep with longing. I have a very substantial bosom, and wrapping it in sheepskin with a furry collar is not what I would call a flattering look, however small my back may be.)

(The only place I could think to hang it for a photograph, where it wouldn’t sweep the floor, was the doorway of my bedroom at the Hôtel de Vendôme.)

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I love Acne, but I hate myself for it– almost everything, bar the shoes, is now made in China, yet every season their prices climb higher and higher. I would love to know what your thoughts are about this phenomena, which does not just implicate Acne. I have read very little about it in newspapers etc, yet I’ve heard many normal consumers like myself complain about it. It turns me off a label completely when I see a four-figure price tag and a Made in China label. There is just no way that this is not exploitative– both to the Chinese minimum-wage factory-worker and to the trigger happy western consumer. If I’m going to spend half my pay check on a coat, I want it to be made in a country where workers are unionized and you’re supporting traditional craft and a community that appreciates the value of labor. I don’t want 90% of the money going straight to the corporate purse.

(Nice skirt by the way! What about the footwear? Boots, yes?)


love it! and now I want it too


The skirt is to die for and is bang on trend. I need some advice on a way to work camel colours into my everyday wardrobe! Any tips?


Check out Great camel trousers, tops and short coats in their A/W catalogue. Will definitely take a good look when I’m in London next!

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