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This request is from my great friend Liz, who is looking for a London-based volunteer who is passionate about food. That sounds like many of my readers, so I am putting this out there in the hope that someone may be able to help…

“I work for a mental health arts charity in Southwark called CoolTan Arts. On Saturday 11th September there is a Sport Festival in the Lea Valley, for which we are setting up some of the more creative-style workshops.  One of these will be related to the “Food For Mood” project that I am running, and I’m looking for a volunteer to lead a short, interactive session around the theme of Food For Mood.

WHAT: Previously we’ve run both straight nutrition workshops and drama/storytelling food workshops at CoolTan Arts, and we’re definitely looking for something more at the arty end of the spectrum for this event.  Games, debate, drama, brainstorming – that sort of thing.   It can involve real food (we’ve got a small budget to cover expenses only) or not – as you like.  The session leader can stipulate how many people take part, and we’re open to all sorts of ideas. The project is embracing all of the social, cultural and personal aspects of food (cooking, buying and eating), and is celebratory in mood.

WHO: Basically, this opportunity might suit someone creative and outgoing, probably with skills in drama teaching / storytelling / group leading and with a keen interest in food: even if it’s just an interest in eating the stuff!

THE SPORT FESTIVAL: there will be a marathon, a guided walk, face-painting and lots of other activities including a dog cross country race (yes indeed: it’s for you AND your dog), and a free coach tour of the Olympic park.  To learn more about it, you can go to and click on Events: the Sport Festival comes up on the left.  To find out more about CoolTan in general, go here.

Dearest LLG readers, if you have any interest in this, leave a comment below, & I will get in touch to give you Liz’s contacts via the email you leave when you register to comment.

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I would love to get in touch with your friend about working on this! I’m coming from the creative end and am a broadcast producer with a reporting background so have some experience in the ‘presenting’ side of things. And as I write this, I’ve just finished a delicious chocolate macaroon. It is working wonders for my mood.


Aw, this sounds like fun. Unfortunately your government told me if I even try to volunteer on my current visa that they will deport me.


Waoh that’s harsh. What a shame. (Lovely to see you on Tues!) LLGxx


Sounds great fun and just up my sister’s street – please send me Liz’s details and I’ll pass them on.


Professional researcher by day! Have 5.5. years exp of running focus groups, creative workshops and lots of techniques to engage groups!
Love to help and have a research colleague who may like to do this with me….both love food too!!! Pls pass my details on 🙂 x

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