This is me at the wheel of an XK120, in the pits at Silverstone, about to thwack the car around the circuit on a track day. When I say I love driving, I mean it. I properly love driving. And when my father taught me how to take a line on a racing corner my joy was complete.There are few things more enjoyable than screeching around a right hand bend on two wheels in am open top vintage sports car, then accelerating off down a straight at 100mph.

I’ve driven most of the English circuits from Mallory Park to Castle Combe, got stuck in the kitty litter in the wrong gear on the Prescott Hill Climb (that wasn’t embarrassing at all), and been scared rigid by Sir Stirling Moss when he almost span us both off at Goodwood when he drove  the 120.

So I do get a little annoyed when men patronise women about driving, and make it my business to shake up a few preconceptions.

I’ve never enjoyed myself more on a circuit than when I was asked to drive a friend’s teenage son around Goodwood in the 120. He was crestfallen at the prospect of being driven by a girl. Especially a girl with blonde hair & pink lipstick.

I smiled sweetly, asked how fast he wanted to go, slid down my visor, and proceeded to scare the living daylights out of him.

Job done.

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nice. and i love the shoei. x shayma




Brilliant job at challenging peoples misconceptions about girls and driving- we too like going super fast while on the road!


Nice one! I love driving too, my first car was a 1969 MGB, and typically, my male friends all assumed I knew nothing about cars… Ha! Driving on the track is brilliant, except for when I recently ended up in the kitty-litter facing the wrong way at about 180kmph in a Ferrari… Not my finest hour! Keep up the good work!


Oh, so much fun. Jealous!



Ah, a girl after my own heart … Seriously nice set of wheels too! :o) xx


This is a great post! After the recent “geek” post, I was hoping you would write more about transport. Many thanks. You didn’t mention the hill at Brooklands — I assume you have tried that as well at some point.


And now I like you even more. My friends always laughed at me, because I used to drive everywhere on my own. Whilst everyone else was hopping on planes and trains, I just jumped into my car and drove threw the night. I just love driving (and I believe I am quiet good at it, too). Luckily, I found an equally car addicted geek in Big M – we’ll be going to the Goodwood breakfast club in about two weeks. If we manage to get a new petrol filter for the 356 in time, that is.


You look so mischevious behind the wheel 🙂

I get like that when I’m driving as well, and I’m very much a short-on-testosterone female. Dunno where it comes from!


loving your style! i am also a keen girl driver and have the privilege of working with some of the best car brands in the world incl Aston Martin, Morgan, Lotus, Volvo, Saab and Ford.

I organised an RS500, one of only 200 in the world, to feature in an event I was organising.

Never mind Max Power or horse power – Girl Power!

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