This is the simplest of simple recipes, yet it’s almost alchemical in the deliciousness of its transformation from inedible raw ingredients to soft, melting, crispy, unctuous, salty more-ishness.


I’m afraid it does require some kitchen equipment, unless you possess infinite patience, a very sharp knife and a true eye for slicing potatoes super thin. I recommend using either the slicing attachment on a food processor or, like me, risking your fingertips and using a mandolin. It was the work  of a few minutes to slice a small bag of new potatoes into uniform pieces. The key word there is uniform. You need the slices to be the same thickness so that they cook through evenly. About the width of a coin.


I rinsed them free of starch under the cold water tap, and patted the slices dry in a tea towel. Then I took half a slab of pre-made puff pastry, & rolled it thin on a floured board. It’s vital to grease the baking tray, before transferring the pastry over.

I then lightly scored a box about an inch in, before piling on the potato slices and tearing over some pieces of a goats cheese log. (It would work just as well with teaspoons of a rindless goats cheese.) Then I strewed over some thyme,  splashed on some olive oil, and liberally added sea salt & freshly ground black pepper. If I had remembered, I would also have painted the pasty edges with a beaten egg. But I forgot. Too busy eating the leftover cheese scraps.

IMG_1200 IMG_1202

It cooked for about 15-20 minutes at 180C/350F/gas mark 4. It looks like a lot, but I made a matching tomato, feta & summer savory tart with the other half of the pasty slab, and we ate both tarts for a Saturday lunch between four of us in one sitting, accompanied by a simple green salad.


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Yum! I had a cauliflower and roast tomato tart yesterday, with some kind of delicious cheese mixed through. Sadly, I did not make it myself.

Poppy xox


Yummy this looks amazing – think I will be giving this a go next week!


Am salivating! I might try making this dish later on in the week. Scrummy!

Ali x


Oh good lord. I’m house-sitting & have everything but the goat cheese…I could substitute. But then I’d eat the whole damn thing myself. Curses. (Not on you:) However, when back home I will definitely do this up for some company along with a green salad & sliced homegrown tomatoes (which I shall pinch from the garden here as I leave….)



Even for a non V that looks fantastic.Watch out for your fingers on that mandolin though!


utterly gorgeous. x shayma


That looks so tasty!
i love bakes and tarts like this.
I’m a vegetarian and always looking for gorge recipes like this 🙂


Sasha, I just made this last night and it was de-leecious! I added some shavings of red onion for good measure because I am incapable of being faithful to a recipe. xoxoxox


I love that I have just logged on to find two recipes in a row from readers who made this last night – both with success. I can;t tell you how pleasing that is! LLGxx ps I love the idea of the onions.



I just made this and it was amazing! Thank you for the brilliant recipe 🙂

Just incase you would like to see my efforts, see check out: x


That’s brilliant! Loved the photo on your blog LLGxx

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