I was going to have a calm evening photographing dresses and shoes for the blog that I had found in the attic. That plan was stymied when I discovered two infant skeletons in my bedroom rummaging in my shoe collection.


They looked so sweet and funny that their mother and I just sat on the floor and roared. And took photographs. Obviously. The cobalt blue wedge that Lulu is attempting to do up  is one of the shoes I wanted to show you. They were given to my mother by my aunt (the same one who helped her buy her Jean Varon dress), in around 1974 and were from her high fashion shoe company The Chelsea Cobbler.


I find them interesting  because so much of fashion focuses on the novel, but it’s good to remember that most of the time it’s just a re-invention of the wheel. These shoes are nearly forty years old and, if they weren’t half a size too small, I would have no hesitation in wearing them today.



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Could’nt agree more about the ‘re-invention of the wheel’, things can sometimes get a little monotonous. Those blue wedges still look great, how annoying that they are too small for you!! e xx


Oddly enough I was wandering about on High Street Kensington on Wednesday afternoon and saw a gorgeous pair of Chelsea Cobbler heels in the Oxfam. They were gorgeous – a very pretty green (with gold straps that looked like leaves that tie around your ankle), peep-toe and size 3. I would have bought them but I’m not very good in heels and so have taken a vow not to buy and more pairs, even if they are beautiful!


They’re absolutely gorgeous! Such a classic (yet completely unique and unusual) shape and a divine colour.


love the skeleton suits so cute xx


This is what I love about shoes…they can just keep going and going and going. My little people love getting their hands (and feet) on my heels and parading around the house looking spectacular. I suspect (and hope) it is something they will always do regardless of their age. If my own mother’s foot wasn’t a size AUS6 (I’m an AUS7.5)…I would still be doing it too! Great post.


I have had a reoccurring dream (both night and day) since I was a teenager and that is that I get access to this attic filled with vintage-clothing!! Lucky you seems like you are living the dream!

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