Hotel: The Scarlet’s reedbed swimming pool

by Sasha Wilkins on August 12, 2010 · 12 comments


I adore swimming outdoors, in rivers, ponds and the sea given a preference, although the odd Olympic swimming pool will also do nicely. I am also very partial to the idea of a swimming pool that thinks it’s a pond. And that’s another reason why I loved The Scarlet in Cornwall. Their chemical-free outdoor swimming pool is filtered by reeds with a huge granite diving stone.


Perched over Mawgan Porth beach, with the most extraordinary views, I think it is the most exciting pool I have ever seen. And that’s from a girl who never thought she would be swayed from her love of Hampstead Heath Ladies Pond.


As one gingerly walks down the steps, the cold grabs all conscious thoughts, and all you can do is launch yourself forth, holding your breath, striking out for the end, keeping on going until you either warm up, or become numb. Either way it is invigorating.


Although I don’t like the sensation of cold kneecaps, which is quite odd. Then again if one does decide to swim in a pool that is just 19C (66F), I think cold kneecaps come as standard.


It must be said that getting out and swaddling oneself in a thick, warm cotton dressing gown is almost as pleasurable as scything through the water.

My photos of the hotel & a short film of my room are here.

LLG & lil’sis were guests of The Scarlet

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