Halter Wrap Bandeau

I have enough problems finding swimwear that will fit me, and which doesn’t look like something more suited to a woman of, say, more advanced years, so I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like looking for mastectomy swimwear if your taste doesn’t run to traditional 1950s boarding school type bathing costumes.

Veronica Brett is the new US-based luxury swimwear collection for breast cancer survivors and women who have had risk reducing surgery. When the line’s founder Patricia Brett, an architect, couldn’t find a swimsuit that she, her sister and her niece, all carriers of the BRAC1 gene, wanted to wear she began to think, ‘If I can design a building, surely I can design a bra or swimsuit?’ With those words, and armed with inspiration from her sister and her niece, she set out to design a sexy, chic & flattering swimsuit that could be worn by mastectomy patients.

Cut a bit higher on the leg and scooped lower in the back than traditional mastectomy swimwear, Veronica Brett swimsuits are made from Italian fabrics, lined for comfort,  are highly engineered for cut & support and have been designed to solve some of the issues that come about as a result of breast surgery.  Each style is pocketed on both sides and is also ideal for women who may be naturally asymmetrical.

The line is named for Patricia’s aunt Veronica  was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41, and Patricia explains her family background here. Suffice to say that with many BRAC1 carriers in her family, they knew what was needed from a mastectomy swimsuit.

The core styles are the Bandeau ,Wrap & Halter as above, and are available at www.veronicabrett.com They do ship out of the United States too.

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This is why I love your blog. You recognize that everyone has the right to look good.


Fabulous. Well done Veronica.

I understand the message women get post mastectomy from “fashion” and it is that they are not really women.

Women are still sexy. Breasts do not define femininity.


e brava for putting this post up. love it. x shayma


Those are gorgeous.


The BRCA1 gene results in a high predisposition to early-onset breast cancer, and an aggressive type of BC as well. What a fantastic thing to do for those who need to feel feminine again post-mastectomy. Great post LLG !


Oh thank you so much. I’m meeting up with my sister next week, in town for one of her 4/time per year checkups for what we hope will be clear scans. She just mentioned that she’s had it with what’s out there (or not) re: bathing suits. She used to go to the pool nearly every day (or evening) with her children. But now sits in shorts & a top, feeling left out. Going to look at the links immediately. Thank you so much for understanding without anyone having to ask. xx


Brilliant post. I shot a calender featuring women who had, had breast cancer a few years back. We shot them in vintage lingerie. It is fantastic that Veronica has come up with this wonderful modern range. She has put all her knowledge to a brilliant use. Xxxx


Fabulous post, love the suits and that you featured them. Just off to RT.
Love you and love them xo

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