I stay in a lot of hotels. But rarely do I think: I’d like to move into the room in which I am sleeping. However I would make an exception for the suite in which I spent the last night of my stay in Barcelona: the Hotel ME Barcelona.  But, although it’s part of the huge Melia chain, it’s no cookie cutter outfit. There are just four ME lifestyle hotels, two in Mexico: Cabo & Cancun, and two in Spain: Madrid & Barcelona. I’m normally very dubious about lifestyle hotels that try to sell you a philosophy.  All I want from a hotel is a good bed, calm, aesthetics that don’t give me a headache and, most of all, good service.

The ME Barcelona somehow manages to transcend its stylish selling point, and become more than the sum of its parts.


The public spaces are attractive and smell delicious, thanks to a custom blended room fragrance.  There’s a  compact & refreshing swimming pool half way up the side of the hotel, set in a bar terrace, and surrounded by comfortable cabanas, which gets busy at night with a crowd of very attractive locals, (as opposed to shorts & sandal-clad tourists.)
That’s because it’s not in tourist-central Barcelona, but maybe four or five stops from Placa de Catalunya, away from the madding crowds and slap bang in Barcelona’s hottest upcoming neighbourhood Poblenou, (which I wrote about here.)

IMG_2140 IMG_2084

I loved the spectacular rooftop bar (below), with views over all of Barcelona, and peeked into the restaurant (it has serious gastronomic leanings in a great space, but I didn’t eat there.) The night I stayed Chanel  were hosting a perfume launch and there were suitably beautiful people wafting about the public spaces. And the staff. I haven’t mentioned how utterly charming everyone with whom I came into contact.

IMG_2053 IMG_2062
IMG_2058 IMG_2054

And then my suite. Oh my suite was just wonderful. From the Eames chair to the Wii, everything looked great, worked better. My bed was a cloud, the bath drew in seconds, the pillows were just right and the towels soft. There was a vast dressing room, a marvellous view to the sea, a chaise with a knitted throw to warm my knees, and an iPod playing funk. And enough space to swing an entire family of cats. And their kittens. There wasn’t a single thing I would have changed. (And I truly am the picky guest from hell after twelve years of hotel reviewing.)

IMG_2076 IMG_2079

IMG_2081 IMG_2083

IMG_2073 IMG_2091

IMG_2075 IMG_2093

I spent most of my stay on that chaise above, writing copy & being distracted by the view. That’s when I wasn’t lolling on the bed, luxuriating in an Aveda bubble bath, swimming lengths in the pool, or eating the most ginmorous and utterly scrumptious breakfast from the vast, vast buffet.

And here’s the short video I shot of my room. Do look: the photos can’t possibly do it’s fabulous-ness justice.

More of my photos of the hotel here.

LLG was a guest of the Hotel ME Barcelona

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WOW. The view is truly amazing, no wonder you stuck to the chaise (the vid does show the splendour much more than the pics). And the wee chocolates are a lovely touch. Staying somewhere like this is so completely out of my budget that I love getting to ‘live’ it vicariously through someone else.

Btw, you have a lovely speaking voice. I think if I ever met you in real life I would be terrified to open my mouth in return!


Nice review LLG, I was straight on to their website to look at rates.


OMG…I want one of those!! I don’t think I could ever bring myself to get off that chaise lounge once I sat down. I’m hope the hotel I’m staying at soon is just as glam. The Sydney Marriott, hmmm…somehow I doubt it! LOL!


Hello LLG,

I am not a blogger nor a writer of any sort etc & don’t have much free time lately – but yours is one of the very few blogs i read religiously & adore.

I work in regeneration of public spaces in london so had to tell you that i’ve been meaning to get to Barcelona again to see the JN works but i hate the crowded hectic & touristy parts of the city i’ve previously stayed in – so this hotel seems perfect!

Ps, i was in Cornwall at the same time as you & it rained all week 🙁 Came back to London for a few lazy days to be spent on the Heath instead (i live nearby as well) & i was going to try out the ponds for the first time after reading your piece on them, just didn’t make it – but will do soon.

Thanks again for your lovely writing (and i love seeing pics/info about the gorgeous Possetta :). Hope you are all recovered x T


That hotel looks amazing! My friend & I are planning a trip to Spain next summer taking in Benicassim & Barcelona, this could definitely be somewhere on our ‘To Stay’ list! The chaise looks amazing, I’m not surprised you camped out on there, with that view beside you! Hope you had an amazing time, Charlie x


nice I really wanna go there…mmm
I like your blog, like your “voice”;)


What a beautiful hotel. The views are superb.


Seriously the nicest hotel I’ve EVER seen. Wowsa!!!

The views are to die for.. and that bath.. My bath tub is so hidious that I’m too scared of going anywhere near it.. naked…lying in it… EWWWW

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