When I was at boarding school in the late ’80s I was obsessed with fashion. And not Topshop fashion. I read Vogue as if it were my Bible, and subscribed to British W over its short-lived career. W in the UK was a colour newspaper, not a glossy magazine and, whilst my dorm mates favoured Bros posters, I would Blu-Tack Dolce & Gabbana’s Sicillian women, Joseph ads, and Lacroix mini-crinis all over my dormitory cubicle walls in an attempt to erase the institutional chipboard.

I found this page from W in 1988 in the attic at our family home last spring, Blu-Tack still adhered to the corners. I remember wanting to be this woman with every fibre of my awkward, self-conscious teenage body. It represented everything I wasn’t and everything I wished I could be.

And now, sometimes, I am that woman. But inside I am often still that teenager.

1988 Credits:
PVC Raincoat £275 by Catherine Walker at The Chelsea Design Company
Suede belt £53 by Osprey at Harvey Nichols
Gloves £29.95 by Dents at Selfridges
Grosgrain shoes by Maud Frizon £160

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how amazing to think how unaffordable those prices seemed to our schoolgirl selves and now they seem reasonable (not adjusting for inflation, of course!)
LLG, you look like that woman, for sure, but we all feel like that teenager inside sometimes, even the most chic and confident of us. xo


I am interested in how contemporary that shot is – the opaque tights, the defined waist – maybe the hair is a bit bigger than we are used to right now but just shows how timeless some looks are.


your post is Adorable 🙂



It’s so nice that you still have things like that. I moved too many cities and continents to still have anything from my younger days.



I’m impressed by your find! It’s funny how we want to emulate a look/image when we’re a kid and as a grown up, that feeling doesn’t quite go away.



That’s a beautiful final line and so true for many of us looking at early style inspiration.


I’m afraid I still look like an hopeless teenager, even if I also wanted to be *that* woman (who, in my case, was a model on the first number of “Flaïr” Italia back in high school).

But I must say that she looks SO much like you. I was actually sure it was you before reading the post 🙂



That is totally you…


Wow, this is soooo eighties. She could have the exact same clothes on, only know she would be required to lose the flowers, hold a cigarette instead, glower at the camera, and have bedhead. At least today’s styling is more accessible for the pimply teenagers though (wait, is that a good thing?).
And YES! Things seemed so much more affordable back then. But even 10 years ago, things didn’t cost the silly money they do now. Haven’t prices for luxury leather goods risen by 300% in the past ten years? I read that recently, and I do remember my mother buying a Fendi bag that cost somewhere in the 200s in the mid-90s.


LLG, great story! What a fabulous role model, to have had then and who you most certainly seem to have become now. x

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