Staying at The Scarlet with lil’sis a few weeks ago was glorious. Overlooking the Atlantic, we ate like piglets in the utterly delicious (and very skillful) restaurant, swam in the outside reedbed pool and then, aware that we couldn’t spend all our time outside of the pool prone, we took advantage of a break in the rain mid-afternoon to take a stiff walk, climbing up, up and along the cliff path north to the National Trust’s Carnewas & Bedruthan Steps.


We had heard tell of a proper Cornish cream tea, so earlier that morning we fell face down into our properly lovely breakfasts at the hotel – a full English for lil’sis and a poached egg with spinach and mushrooms for me, with piles of thick toast, cut from a loaf, and spread with an inch of salty butter. We were feeding up because we planned to miss lunch as we couldn’t justify breakfast, a midday meal AND a cream tea two hours later.

We walked & walked for nearly an hour in the sun and brisk breeze, worried we had overshot. And then, just as hope was fading, we saw the short signpost planted in the grass, and started drooling at the thought of scones & cream.  Set 150 metres back from the clifftop, the tearoom is a single storey stone building, with tables outdoors (where dogs can stay), and a lovely indoor room.

IMG_2376 IMG_2357


Lil’sis had her traditional ice cream cornet, made with Cornish ice cream, and I, naturally, had the full cream tea. Fortunately it came with two scones, so after she had polished off her immense ice cream, she made short work of the second scone.


IMG_2358 IMG_2363

Let’s take a closer look:



Carnewas & Bedruthan Steps, Bedruthan, St Eval, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 7UW. Tel: 01637 860563

LLG & lil’sis were guests of The Scarlet hotel. Here are the photos of what I was wearing that day,

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Fabulous second photo,want that cream tea NOW.


I’ve actually made it the first photo now! Better as an opener, I think! LLGxx




Oh what a stunning view, that photo is just beautiful. I haven’t had cream tea in soooo long, nothing like having the real thing down in Cornwall.


Thanks for this (& for not shoving it too much in our faces:)…just beginning to plan a Wales, Cornwall, Bath thingy with friend…we’re aiming for 18 months from now. See how the economy is doing; as in, if both of us have income. In the interim, posts like these are very helpful. I have told so many people who say, but you’ve gone here, there, everywhere. First off, not everywhere. Second, I paid for all of them with cash, grants, or fellowships (at times, work but less than even I thought.). My major tip – always the first step since I was 16. I buy a guide or book about the place I want to go to. Place on nightstand & peruse. No matter what else is on the nightstand. No matter how long it takes. It has not failed yet. Not once.



Ha! I’m with lil’ sis, I would most certainly want icecream AND a scone. I do love Cornwall, I would like to live in a windswept stone cottage on the moors, going for blustery clifftop walks, drinking whisky and writing dark prose by candlelight. I don’t actually LIKE whisky you understand, but it seems fitting.


what a lovely way to spend time w a sibling. delicious food, delicious views. mmmmm mmmmm. xxx shayma


Love your blog!
It’s absolutely beautiful and this post triggered our ice cream cravings like no other.


Gorgeous!! We will be going for a week in October, hopefully we’ll find the tearoom. The scones look delicious.


Those scones look yummy! I’ve never heard of cream tea before… I thought it was a special kind of tea, but thank you google for setting me straight!


Ahhh, so peaceful. Love the sea life adorned dishes and the food that comes with!

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