Isabella Oliver cape

I *adore* capes. Even badly breaking my arm aged eight in a country churchyard after Matins, whilst pretending to be Batman in my long black hand-me-down didn’t shake my devotion. I like that you can wear several sweaters underneath one in a freezing Manhattan winter as I did over the winter of 2008/2009 , and not bulk up like Michelin Man, that they are perfect for cycling in, amd I like how you can thrown one over an otherwise meh number and look chic & together, as I tried to when Vogue Italia streetsnapped me at London Fashion Week last Season.

And, now, I find the rest of the fashion world has woken up to the joys of the cape, thanks to Celine, YSL & the rest. For those not blessed with the bottomless pockets required to purchase Ms Philo’s ravishing creations, I present you this rather lovely cape (above) for the not-bad-at-all sum of £219 by Isabella Oliver 365.

I do like what they do over at Isabella Oliver: if you only know the name from  their indubitably chic maternity clothes well & good, but you would be missing out on 365, their range for the non-pregnant woman. Last season I went to Isabella Oliver headquarters in North London to investigate properly, after becoming on-line friends with the label’s co-founder and now woman-in-charge, Baukjen de Swaan Arons. She gifted me several pieces from the SS10 collection which, friendship apart, really have became mainstays of my wardrobe: The perfect pair of navy cotton shorts, a great white shirt, a pretty day-to-cocktail dress.

In the video below Baukjen talks to me about how the label started:


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what’s with the asterix quotation thing?
seriously, i’d like to know for writing/style purposes 🙂


Cape devotee here too – I actually can’t wait until summer is over so I can pull them out again!

Have you seen the 365 cape in either the ivory or red? Having just ordered this bargain of an ASOS cape, I would love a non-black version but wondered whether the red is a true red…

ASOS cape:


am also a big cape fan and happy to see them back. I have a vintage one I found which is black with gold brocade trim and says it was made in Pakistan which I love to wear in the evening. Isabelle Oliver make great clothes for real women who want to look damn good. I’m a fan and would like more!


I love this! Currently contemplating whether or not my student budget can afford it, on the plus side, I’ve shown it the mother and she approves! It looks like a brilliant investment, I’m a recent convert to Isabella Oliver – thanks to you and your blog, although I’m yet to purchase, although, I do have a wishlist as long as my arm! Do you know if there’s any London stockists? Thank you for opening my eyes to some wonderful websites! Charlie x


Charlie- everything on the site is 33% off until Sunday!


Sonya, the asterisks are just meant for emphasis; a punchy little visual attention-grabber as an alternative to writing the word in caps, italics or bold.


I’m a bit late to the caped crusader party (just back from my UK holiday, and already miss it so… I know how you feel about NY) but I must add my compliments on this as well! Great price too… now if I sell a few vintage capes perhaps I’ll have room to add this lovely to my wardrobe!


Suzanne – everything on the site is 33% off until Sunday!

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