The battery of blood tests I have had this summer following my hospital incarceration turned up lots of interesting things, amongst which was a serious vitamin D deficiency. Can’t say I was enormously surprised, given the lack of exercise and sunlight in my life. When you are as pale skinned as I am, it’s easy to treat sunshine as the enemy. On the flipside tho I don’t really have any wrinkles. Great: I can die early from vitamin D related conditions like cancer but hey I’ll look ten years younger in my coffin.

I am now determined to fit in an hour of outdoor exercise each day, even if it is only walking to and from appointments & meetings. Working from home means that it’s very easy just to stay indoors all day, playing on the internets and only seeing sun through the skylights of my room.

Based in Highgate Village for the summer,  I now use  walking across Hampstead Heath as both short cut & exercise: I can walk to my sister’s in Gospel Oak almost entirely on grass, (more like hay after this long, hot summer),


as well as taking a  brisk 35minute walk due west across the Heath to check out new Whistles stock run errands in Hampstead.

On Saturday Clare & I power walked to lil’sis’ & back in the early evening sunshine to pick up my St Tropez samples, and yesterday I walked so far I considered crawling back up Fitzroy Park to Highgate Village by the end of the day.  It started off with a hike west to my opticians in Hampstead,


and was followed by a yomp down Rosslyn Hill, a pitstop to buy the scarf above in Whistles, then onto lil’sis’ to collect her & Posetta Baddog for lunch at the Italian on the Parliament Hill section of the Heath.

There we met @wardrobeslave & Zelda the black lab/staffie cross that thinks she’s a puppy, ate Primrose Bakery cupcakes that WS brought for us,


listened to the brass band on the bandstand,


then burnt off the pasta with a walk over Parliament Hill…


Shorts: J Brand distressed denim (from Selfridges)
T shirt: LNA pale grey scoop neck with tails
Cardigan: Ancient old M&S navy dug out from the attic
Scarf: Whistles blue ombré scarf -Bought  in the sale yesterday for £25 from £45
Shoes: Tod’s leather sandals (also dug out of attic)
Bag: Zimmerman beige laser cut leather (out of sight)
Earrings: Vintage turquoise chandeliers
Necklace: Georg Jensen Moonlight Grapes pendant

Posetta would like you to know that she is working her Purdey blue rope lead.

Thank you to J Brand for the shorts & LNA for the T shirt. I’m a bit stretched on clothes owing to a) the fire & b) not intending to be in London this summer ,which is why I’ve been digging around in my mother’s attic looking for ancient M&S cardis etc.

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You look remarkable for someone in mostly donated clothing and the earrings are lovely. This new routine must be heaven for Miss Baddog.

We had lunch at the Holly Bush on Sat – worth a stop by next time you are up that way, they have really upped their game. Tho not sure about veg options as I’m a carnivore.


Blimey, you look about 17 in that picture – great photo!


That first picture is really lovely, with all that blue. It is also great to see the entire LLG, instead of just portions or sunglasses. Keep up the exercise outside.


@Pierre & @LookingFab: thank you both!
@Penny Dreadful: I always forget about the Holly Bush – must go. PB lives with lil’sis so she doesn’t get out quite as much she’d like..


There’s been something on Radio 4 about vitamin D deficiency – The Food Programme. Give it a listen on iPlayer?


Just to make sure, dogs are not supposed to eat sugar, their body accumulates it and after a certain amount they begin to get blind.
Just a tought…


Interesting post.
Sun is my enemy and I wear SPF 50 face and body, does that mean I would get vitamin D deficiency?


The vitamin D deficiency thing is so bizarre, one of my friends recently had blood work done too, the surprise being the vitamin D thing….she’d just been on holiday to Mauritius a few month ago too.

Fab puppy scoffing cupcake shot too! Lol!



@A Brit Greek: It’s amazing how common it is…
@Kit: I think it’s def worth getting checked out…
@Nat: She’s just eating the wrapper! WE ate the cakes
@Jenni I think I have the podcast – will chk – thank you


That vitamin D defitiency is doing wonders for your youthfull looks!! Sounds like a lovely way to be spending your summer, great to get out and about eh! Loving your donation chic look! e xxxx


Why thank you. And yes, donation chic is def my way forward!


I love Primrose cupcakes! Best there are…


I think I am a convert now too!


You look bronzed and lovely, it’s great to see all these pictures of the park and your lovely pup. I am based in a central London office all day and utterly jealous of your chance to be out and about a bit more – I know it’s a tough discipline to get into though, so tempting to stay inside in PJ’s all day!


@TLC I do seem to be posting rather a lot of photos of Hampstead Heath of late…but I’m glad you like them x

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