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It’s seven weeks until the start of London Fashion Week, and already I am putting together spreadsheets, taking meetings and drawing up my campaign plan. I met with Mercedes GB’s reps on Monday and we have most exciting plans for our coverage of the collections this season, including a daily film, shot by me, of all the goings on front & back stage at LFW. The lovely Kiki will be helping me out again this season, so we met up yesterday to go through some preliminaries.

We both work from home, so I suggested a walk on Hampstead Heath as a much nicer alternative to sitting in a warm flat for our discussion. “There will be additions to Posetta Baddog”, I warned. Poor Kiki. She got given a lead the moment she arrived at lil’sis’ house, and from there she was dragged up to Gospel Oak by an excitable Jack Russell, whilst I wrangled PB and Billy the whippet.


My mother was in town for lunch with a friend, so she had deposited her hounds with my sister for the day. They definitely took to Kiki.


Absolutely nothing to do with her ice cream.


The dogs had a whale of a time, new scents for everyone. (You can just see Posetta’s periscope tail by the bushes in the picture above.) Whilst we walked across Parliament Hill and round and down to the Mens’ Bathing Pond.



There was much advanced ball throwing for the indefatigable Posetta and in between canine wrangling Kiki & I managed to have a good work discussion.


And she even got a goodbye kiss from Billy when we got back to Gospel Oak (& there was no ice cream in the vicinity.)


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Kiki and the dog troop look amazing! Looking forward to the delights LLG has to offer in September.


Kiki looks lovely, I don’t think I’ve seen a photo of her before (stalker alert- actually fellow Greek pride hehe x)

And now I know what my xmas present to myself is going to be- a pair of marshmallow soft minnetonkas. I’ve spent so, so long looking for comfortable but cute everyday shoes, these will be the ones hopefully..


It was many years ago that I enjoyed Hampstead and the Heath. I thought it was the best of London, a hidden place that was home to some famous people, and maybe still is. I liked the pubs and the architecture. I like your dogs too. Hope you post more pictures of the village and the Heath because I don’t know if I will ever get back.

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