As regular readers will know, back at the end of May I flew from New York to Madrid to attend MANGO‘s AW10 fashion show. I wrote about the after-party here, and gave the build up here, but illness got in the way before we got to the show report

AW clothes are starting to land in stores, so this is as good a time as any to show you the collection: A distillation of some of the strongest trends for fall, many of which looked back to the final decades of the 20th century. The new skirt length that Marc Jacobs is pushing, the midi, hovering around below the knee, was much in evidence, bringing to mind the Princess of Wales circa 1982 & the heyday of the Sloane Ranger’s Handbook. And the more I see it, the more I want to wear it. Probably because it’s just about the only look that hasn’t been plundered from the Eighties in recent years.


The pants on offer had been injected with a bucketload of Seventies sass (with a wave to the upcoming Chloe collection). It was as if Revlon’s Charlie girl had been hanging out with Ali McGraw circa Love Story as girls with shiny swinging hair,  high-necked blouses, long strap shoulder bags & high waisted jeans strode confidently down the mirrored runway.

Eveningwear was covered up, dropped to the floor, and often long sleeved, or styled with cardigans, and all the more sexier for it.


Mango really have raised their game in recent years. This was a confident roadmap for the upcoming season, and far more directional than we have any right to expect from the High Street.

Final runway walk here:

Photos courtesy of MANGO

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Thank you for sharing these. They are perfect for right now here in New Zealand. Love your blog.


I am so glad that midi skirts are back, I am really fond of them.


Didnt know mango was catwalking in madrid. Ive always loved their collection tho i think with time, the quality’s gone down, shame !


Lovely! Re:the new “midi” skirt. Looks lovely with rich leather knee boots, but I think any other footwear is out of the question because that length of skirt hits the part of the leg that ensure everyone looks dumpy and ankle-less. But I’m a spineless fashion victim tosspot and no doubt I’ll be “rockin'” one of these eventually. Please god let me remember to do it only with boots.


Love the tweedy mid-length skirt – perfect for autumn, and this length of skirt looks fantastic with long boots and a floppy hat


Mango is my absolute favourite High Street store. When I lived in Spain, I made at least one visit a week. Now that I live in Costa Rica, import taxes have stopped me doing it so much but I really cannot wait to get back to Spain and spend, spend, spend! x


I think the new Mango collection is really disappointing but this is becoming a regular occurrence for me. Copying half heartedly from Marc Jacobs and Chloe whilst adding a hint of Stella McCartney, is just not good enough. If you do black do it well!!!! Also, the fact you describe the dresses as sexy, isn’t right to me as, the black dress, pictured here, is especially dull.



Ah but Drusilla, isn’t that the joy of fashion: that we can each admire different things? What looks elegant, restrained, grown-up, sophisticated and therefore sexy in that it leaves much to the imagination to me, looks dull to you…neither of us are wrong…

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