Lil’sis & I threw a small garden party at her London flat this past Saturday to celebrate (early) her birthday.

I’m a big fan of proper invitations, but time restrictions precluded sending them out this time, so I turned to the next best thing: Paperless Post.

Based in America, lots of companies  –  & friends – that I know in Manhattan use Paperless Post instead of snail mail for invitations to events or parties. Instead of forking out for costly paper invitations and USPS stamps, a mere $15 buys you 300 Paperless Post stamps (which includes the costs of the infinitely customisable invitations themselves). The site takes UK credit cards.

The company was founded in 2008 by a brother and sister from New York City who “believe that aesthetics and efficiency can go hand in hand”. The brash eVite site is a million miles away from the chic philosophy behind Paperless Post: there are no external advertisers, and the look of the invitations on offer is more Smythson than Staples.

It took lil’sis & I about 30 minutes to come up with a design from the host of options available. Eschewing the invitation formats, we just chose a green background we liked, added a logo from the many on offer – the butterfly, chose a typeface & colour for it,  & added our copy. There is even an option to choose (for an extra fee) a pretty coloured liner for the envelope that opens on your screen to reveal the invitation.

The system is set up so that you can easily insert  a list of email names taken from the To: box on your email, and provides comprehensive tracking. An icon appears when a recipient opens an email, and again when they either accept or decline. You can send out messages & updates to your invitees, & the invitation details are easily downloaded by the recipient into Outlook.

I’ve also taken to using Paperless Post to send thank you cards for work breakfasts & lunches when I haven’t got a bricks & mortar address for a publicist, or when time is of the essence.

The New York Times covered the company with admirable brevity here.

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Well that is it. Am just going to have to have some sort of party/ soiree/ get together anything that warrents a PaperlessPost invititation.Thank you, super idea & as you say more Smythson than Staples.
PS Cornwall was super, we were lucky with the weather as well !


@Marisa ENVY! We just had rain…x


For the second time in our wedding planning communications (yes wedding invitations included!), paperlesspost sent out the wrong invitations/information for our wedding and rehearsal dinner. For a company that claims to have a core competency sending beautiful invitations electronically, they have failed me miserably. We were so excited to send out our wedding communications in an environmentally friendly and unique way but it’s been embarrassing and semi-disasterous. NO THANK YOU to paperlesspost.

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