As I was dashing out the door at 7am to catch the train to Cornwall, I grabbed my Barbour off the peg by the door *just in case of rain*. Which shows old Cornwall hands just how much of a Cornish virgin I am.

As we travelled west on the train from Paddington, the London heatwave became a thing of memory somewhere around Dawlish in Devon, and the sky seen from the train started to look ominous:


The train view rapidly turned into this:


By the time we reached Bodmin Parkway, 20 miles from Newquay, it was really quite wet outside:


At Newquay station we were drenched just running to the taxi, but the calm of the The Scarlet hotel in Mawgan Porth, and the views from reception, out over the water roof, made up for it.


On Wednesday afternoon we set off  in light drizzle from The Scarlet on the uphill coastal path to Bedruthan Steps for a cream tea and that’s when I really, really gave thanks for my Barbour.  When I spoke to their publicist back in spring when they offered me a coat, I hadn’t realised how much of a revamp was going on at the brand and all I can say now is hallelujah, because this lightweight version really was perfect for yomping up and along the coast road, keeping me dry but not sweatily uncomfortable.

In the short sunny window we had on our return from sitting face down in a bucket of clotted cream lil’sis took these photos of me just underneath the hotel:

IMG_2410> IMG_2408

Trousers:  my BELOVED J Brand black skinny jean legging which I have lived in – The Olympia 901 (courtesy of J Brand)
Jacket: Barbour Ladies International
(The rather nice quilted one is on sale here for an amazing £69)
Shoes (just seen): Converse hi-topsbecause they are the only non-smart shoes I ever wear -bar Minnetonkas, walking boots & Hunters

LLG was a guest of The Scarlet hotel in Cornwall

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Thank you thank you thank you – my half price Barbour is purchased and on it’s way.

Hope Lil’ Sis is on the mend and that her bumps, breaks and bruises aren’t causing too much trouble.


I was hoping I’d never need another Barbour but might be mistaken as it seems to rain here in London town at times too. 😉 A lightweight version is just what is needed. Helena xx


Lovely photo of you…very natural and spur of the moment. Your outfit is lovely too, especially the Barbour as it seems fantastic value for money. x


I’ve been reading your blog for the last few months (I found it rather late I know!) and really enjoy reading it but today was especially cool as the town I live in got a mention (albeit a rather damp, dreary one…..I live in Dawlish, not the most glamorous place in the world, especially not on a wet day!)….was also going to say that I remember walking somewhere near The Scarlet when I was last in Cornwall and thinking how cool it looked…..perhaps when I’ve saved up my pennies I might pay it a visit 🙂


but it looks like such perfect weather for curling up in a hot bath with a book- you look great and so tiny in your lovely back coat!


Jesus, you look gorgeous. This is my fave photo of you and also outfit (I’m into this sort of look) to date.
I’ve always wanted to go to Cornwall. To this day, I associate it with Famous 5 books.
When are you going back to NYC? Don’t go!


“face down in clotted cream”-heh heh…Hope you are having a carefree holiday together!


Cornwall has to be the most god-forsaken spot in these fair isles. Sorry, Cornish-folk, but it’s true.
It ALWAYS rains.



I’m sure the trousers are lovely but a quick perusal of the website shows that the largest size is a 32 which is what, a 14? And I suspect at small 14 at that. So effectively they’re only catering for 50% of what could be their target market. (And yes, jean legging things do work well for those over a size 14 if styled right).

Bah.why do “designer” jean brands do this? Why do they think a 32″ waist is as large as it gets? Don’t they have eyes.

(Sorry, Friday night grump. Holiday looks fab despite the rain. V jealous.)


Oh Cal, I feel your pain. I have exactly the same problem with sizes on my bottom half, which can vary between a 12-14 depending on the brand. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about all the fabulous and beautiful things we can’t quite squeeze into!!

LLG, love love love this look. You look stunning and your ensemble has inspired me to start thinking about what I pack for a holiday to the UK in October. We arrive on the 9th and have nearly a whole month. We will be based in Reading for the most part with lots of day trips and the odd weekender. Suggestions on what to wear/pack and buy would be fabulous.

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