I didn´t know much about Richard Meier when lil´sis & I first visited Barcelona in 1997 and we stumbled upon his MACBA in the Raval district, just off the Ramblas in Barcelona. It was love at first sight and since then I´ve made it my business to seek out Meier buildings all over the world.

So far I´ve marked off a house in Singapore, a fabulous private tour around the Getty Center in LA, courtesy of the Hotel Bel-Air, and  a brief visit to his Museum of the Ara Pacis in Rome, squeezed in inbetween fashion shows. (One day I won´t be working when I travel abroad and will do all this properly.)

We didn´t go inside this trip, beyond the atrium and (very good) bookshop, but the exterior is worth the visit in itself.








Museu d´Art Contemporani de Barcelona

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really beautiful ….u have soo good taste as usual ..come to visit Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and be sure to visit Niteroi ..modern art museum Oscar Neimeyer u gonna love it ….looks like a spaceship over the blue sea.


Pity you didn’t have time to go in! I love that museum. It’s laid out really well and is one of the only ones that I neither get lost in or get so tried I want to cry (museums…so exhausting). Oh, and I can always find the loo too.

I hope you got yourself a pair of Vialis shoes too!


TIRED, not tried.


This looks absolutely amazing. I love how striking the crisp white lines are against the blue Spanish sky. And I laughed when you said you didn’t make it beyond the foyer and bookshop – i’ve never had a chance to properly explore the British Museum (though I do have every intention to do so), but i’ve popped in just to stare at the magnificent foyer whenever i’ve been in the area.

After all, dipping a toe in is better than nothing right?

Miss B xx


ooh I love the Macba, I remember when they first built it, fabulous architecture!

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