This is pa amb tomàquet, often called pa amb, Catalunya´s traditional bread & tomato dish. It´s a model of simplicity: the bread is rubbed with garlic, then with a tomato (or sometimes brushed with tomato pulp), then olive oil is drizzled over, followed by salt.

Served at breakfast (the W Barcelona had bowls of tomato pulp on the buffet), as well as at lunch & supper, there´s no way pa amb ever tastes the same way outside of Catalunya. It needs sun-filled, super fresh tomatoes not the chilled ones that make their way to the UK.

In my opinion it´s reason enough to visit Barcelona.

Photographed at Andreu, La Roca Village.

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it is beyond delicious I agree but I also agree that some things just taste better where they’re from


I love this dish -son’s Spanish girlfriend makes it. But I’ve never been to Barcelona and had the real thing. Note to self must go soon. Perhaps after the Big Move?

Helena xx


That looks divine. Oh man- as if I needed a reason to go back to Spain. I want to reach through the screen and eat all of them!


This is my fave Catalan breakfast too! I tried it at home once and without the mediterranean air and Spanish charm, it wasn’t quite the same. Enjoy Barcelona, I hope it offers rest and relaxation x x x


You’ve made me so hungry! I consumed this for breakfast everyday I was in Barcelona last year. Simple, fresh ingredients often make the best dishes.


Hello! I’m Spanish and my boyfriend is Catalan (also Spanish, although some people wouldn’t say so :P). The “pa amb tomàquet” is always called “pa am tomàquet”, never “pa amb”. Maybe you got confused with the word “pan”, which means “bread” in Spanish (in Catalan is just “pa”, without the “n”) and whose sound is really similar to “pa amb”.

I hope this is helpful!



@Mar I have to disagree…as wld many, many otherpeople!

And, most definitive of all, the Catalan dictionary…


Love your food posts,they are always simple,informative and well chosen.
Enjoyed this bread recently in Cafe 21, Newcastle(of all places),served with
Jamon Iberico,it was lovely, but you cant beat eating local food in its home location.


Missed supper tonight; this looks especially delicious!


The one at Bar Inopia is just.. the best.

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