Dearest readers

You find me distraught in Barcelona: my unbeloved Dell laptop has broken (screen has died) and so I am unable to access any data – including documents, photos and a couple of important projects I have been working on for the past four days. (At least I think it´s the screen – I am going to try hooking up an external monitor in a minute.)


Yesterday morning in a fit of efficiency I uploaded the previous day´s photographs and deleted them all from the camera, as I do each morning. I am now being punished for that efficiency as I can´t access the images.

I´m utterly depressed about having to deal with the Dell call centres, an experience which is just the last word in utter misery. And to be honest, since my Dell is missing four keys (they just randomly fell off), the multimedia slot doesnt work & the screen back is falling off, an overhaul is long overdue. Thank goodness for the three year extended warranty & accidental damage coverage I took out.

Of course it does mean that instead of spending my day at the W hotel in Barcelona on one of its delicious outdoor beds on the sun terrace, or on a cushioned white lounger on the beach with my laptop, I am now stuck indoors ALL DAY  in the windowless business center in the Stygian bowels of the hotel, trynig to reprise the project over which I have sweated blood & wanted to get in yesterday. GAH.

Love, a VERY stressed LLG

ps I believe I have SO earned my Bliss Oxygen Facial at 6pm tonight!

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Sorry to hear about your laptop… Perhaps it is time to get a MacBook…
I love reading your blog… Don’t be stress, Enjoy your facial and have a wonderful evening..!


I’m sorry– I think Dell might be short for “devil,” their customer service is that bad.


@annemarie BRILLIANT!


So annoying! I know you just need some sympathy, not advice, but I agree with MsPea. You need a Mac.


So sorry to hear about your Dell laptop, next time backup your docs/photos onto an external driver.

Time to upgrade a MacBook?


Of COURSE I back up! My PC failed between loading my images to the hard drive & backing up.


Oooooh my heart goes out to you. Hope you get it fixed soon and everything is still there. Xxxx


Oh, oh, oh, I do so sympathise. When my computer died last summer, I realised that half my life was on it. The sense of utter dependence and utter powerlessness made me feel quite ill. I almost went back to quill and ink and pigeon post. So hope the people at Dell come up with the goods and you are soon back in the sunshine. xx


Boy, do I know what you’re feeling. My ancient iBook died 2 years ago and I felt like I’ve lost my right AND left arm. I shouldn’t be too surprised since my daughter accidentally tipped an entire cup of chocolate down the laptop and it survived for another year. I hate replacing laptops but I should really do what you did – religiously backing up files.

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