Although I adore swimming, especially in fresh water lakes & ponds, I fear the murk that lurks below. It’s fine in my beloved Hampstead Heath Ladies Pond, because one dives in off a pontoon, but I refuse point blank to swim anywhere that requires me to balance on slimy rocks or wade in through mud & silt.

I have an ancient pair of old school clear spangly jelly shoes which I have toted from Ibiza to Thailand and in which I have been laughed at more times than I can count. All I can say it that I wish these jellies had been comme il faut six years ago. Then no one would have pointed at me wading into the sea…

I’ve chosen only styles that fasten around the ankle or that look reasonably secure so that they would be suitable for beach type activities. I do find it  hard to understand why anyone would wear plastic shoes in a city – haven’t they heard of trench foot? The shoes above are See by Chloe Jelly Sandals £90 from ASOS, and these are their rather close cousin, a mere £15 from Barratts

64_531_0862_01 04_531_0862_01

My favourites: the Petal sandal from French Connection £15

French Connection Jelly Sandals French Connection petal black French Connection petal pink

F Troupe Cut Out Lace Up £20 from Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitterrs jelly shoe f troupe

Australian shoe company Holster will be donating £10 from adult styles & £5 from kids styles from every sale of these purple jellies sold online  via the Holster website in aid of Pancreatic Cancer Action.  Retailing from £16.99 to £34.95.

image019 image021 image017

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Wow, those’re all really nice. I love the ones from French Connection and Holster. Since I’m also afraid to go into the sea without a pair of jelly shoes (except for the sand beaches) I’d like to wear those, but only on the beach.


I managed to get the Jimmy Choo ones on sale from NAP last week. I did wear them down the school this morning and a few people commented on them, which surprised me really as they are only plain! Silly to save them, I can’t see myself wading through any rock pools in the near future!


I happen to be a fan of jellies, they are great for muggy summer days where you get pockets of rain, like yesterday! I wear my Melissa x Alexandre Herchcovitch blue jelly pumps to death. And I am actually eyeing the DVF Jaya Love Knot Jelly Sandals. Hmm… maybe I need to think twice about wearing jellies in the city. ;P


That’s amazing. Those See by Chloe ones you’ve got at the top are EXACTLY the same as a pair I bought in QS the other week for £2.50! Seriously – the only difference is that mine are fuschia. I bought them for the beach and they’re excellent – so if you’re near a branch of QS I’d take a look.


I cannot go barefoot. Possibly because I spent my childhood in a garden shared with a small dog (let’s pull a veil over that right there) and these seem like a great solution to those moments where you SHOULD be barefoot, but can’t bring yourself to hobble over the burning sand or into the unknown waters.

I am particularly struck with the Holster version because my dad died of pancreatic cancer 12 years ago today. I must get myself a pair and give some money to a very worthwhile cause indeed 🙂

Just one question – are they all soft enough around the ankle? I’d imagine that you could get seriously painful chaffing from an ankle strap.

Ali x


Same phobia & I didn’t give a flip about people laughing at me in Greece (I think that particular trip it was 1988) or anywhere else when I wear them. I can’t stand the thing between the toes feeling so I have the old Mary Jane type. Perhaps once I’m back in lake or river water again, I’ll spring for a new pair. Thanks for bringing this up…everyone I know thinks I’m a big baby. Yet, ask them who has to empty their scorpion-inhabited shoes. Uh huh. (Gloves, you wear work gloves.)



lovely round up – I always end up caught out on the beach in Nice and it’s not a good look to be hopping round the pebbles with a packed beach now is it?

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