I´m going to preface this post about author & Sunday Times journalist Matt Rudd´s just published second novel by repeating what I wrote last year about him when he published his debut novel, William Walker’s First Year of Marriage: A Horror Story, because I’m not going to lie by pretending that he is a complete stranger to me, my sister or several close friends. Nor am I going to pretend that I didn’t costume design his wife’s (excellent) short film. Or that we didn’t once work together on Conde Nast Traveller.

The reason I’m putting this into the public domain is because I’d like to suggest that you all rush off to buy Matt’s new book: William’s Progress but several of you lovely readers know full well that Matt & I have been friends since, oh Christ, maybe 1999, and may suspect that I am merely plugging his book as an act of friendship.

Fortunately, my code of ethics remains intact in this case, as Matt is, and always has been one of the funniest writers I know. I still remember reading his first short stories about travelling in bizarre and, at the time, off the beaten track places and hooting with laughter. In fact, I believe I may even have got him to sign my copy of some obscure paperback publication that featured his first published stories. (Matt, I’m fully expecting to educate my future children off the proceeds of that in years to come.)

William Walker’s First Year of Marriage: A Horror Story does what it says on the tin: recounts what happens when a normal bloke proposes to his beloved and discovers that communication is the most important part of marriage  – about a year too late. Book two shows that William didn´t quite take on board the lessons learned in book one,  as the hapless Mr Walker bumbles through his wife´s pregancy, the birth of his first child & subsequent events with quite staggering gormless-ness, leaving chaos, misunderstanding and a quite astonishingly patient wife in his wake. As with book one, I do feel duty bound to check with Matt´s wife that the vignettes within are products of Matt’s fertile imagination and not recounts of actual happenings.

Matt is on Twitter here (although he claims to Tweet only under duress from his publishers), and you can read his columns from The Sunday Times here. And, of course, buy  William’s Progress from your friendly neighb0urhood Amazon or, better still, friendly independent bookstore.

William’s Progress is currently a bargain £6.67 on Amazon.

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Not ENTIRELY relevant, maybe, but I do love your choice of crockery.


@blonde appropriate for a book about adapting to having children, huh?!


both his books sound very interesting- I am finding it a bit hard to be a friend of people adjusting at times- the not hearing for months and so on- perhaps this would help- I always like to hear of good new books- I get stuck in a rut of reading what I see in the book shops rather than seeking out new stuff- especially modern stuff.

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