According to Clare, who knows nail polish like I know liquid eyeliner, this tiny bottle of Eyeko Tea Rose varnish (left) is the business: it went on smoothly and just one quick coat lasted three days without chipping. Go the extra mile with two coats and this varnish seems impervious. A great size for traveling AND long-lasting? We like.

I’m wearing the coral (right) – my colour of choice with the (fake) tan I sport for two months each summer and again three days later, no chips. At this price point that’s almost miraculous. Eyeko means LOVE in Japanese and we certainly love these polishes.

Eyeko Polishes are all £3.50 each. Available at and

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Oooh, how interesting, am going through a nail polish phase at the moment, sometimes I even manage to get it on my nails


LLG I would be very interested to know what fake tan you use, I have found an excellent one for the face but am struggling with the legs and the body, at the moment my legs are patchy orange! I forked out 21 euros for Nuxe Soleil Prodigieux beautifying self tanning body lotion, when I opened it it was sparkly, it reminded me of the Rimmel Sunshimmer I used to use when I was a teenager, not a good look! I exfoliate and do all the stuff you must do when using fake tan, I normally use L’Oreal Nutribronze which is slightly yellowy, advice please on fake tans!


I never, ever paint my own fingernails because it always looks absolutely pants. I only ever do toe nails because at least people are a minimum of 5 foot away from seeing how bad they really look.
At £3.50 (inc postage!) I thought this was worth the gamble as that tea rose colour looks very me.
So today I am very pleased to report back that at the age of 30 I have just successfully painted my fingernails for the first time ever!! I can’t quite pinpoint what made this polish so much easier to apply, but who cares – it works!


LLG– PLEASE do a post about:
a) liquid eye liner (have been trying and failing for years).
b) yep, FAKE TAN.


Great info about nail polish, have been looking for some decent summer polishes, Barry M has been amazing for fun colours this summer. But I’ve been searching for a nude and a jade which I’ve just found on Eyeko. Thanks for the tip! Also trying out the slightly scary looking Eyeko graffiti eyeliner pen!


How cute! I love the look of these polishes!

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