Poor Posetta Baddog: not only does she have to wear a fur coat during the summer, but she gets filthy dirty from the fine dust in the street. Our solution is to dump her in the bath for a wash in tea-tree pet shampoo. She’s remarkably docile, but I’m not going to pretend that she loves the experience.



This expression can only be described as baleful (Mummy WHY are you doing this to me?):


Quick! Escape!


And safely wrapped in a towel:


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poor girl …soooo sweet


I <3 Posetta!


Oh she is such a poppet, I love the fifth image she looks like she has just hatched! Crusoe is the opposite he adores water and stands obediently in the shower tray, he even tries to get in the shower when I am in there.

Hope you have a fabulous time in Barcelona.


So cute.. I have to do the same with my jack russell as she like to roll .. in anything stinky .. she lets me wash her with the same expression as yours. Then she is off !!


Our dogs don’t like being bathed. Silly because they are spaniels and love rivers. sea etc. Crazy.


Posetta! She always makes me smile (& it’s only 9:30 am Sunday here). Thanks for sharing your little companion’s lifestyle photos. Hope you are recovering well, by the way. Here’s to good adventures for you both! xx


So, so adorable!! Poor little grubby Posetta. Also have you tried Aesop Animal wash? It’s so heavenly, gentle and lovely smelling that I use it as a hand wash in the kitchen!

Miss B xx


She just breaks my heart! I was lucky enough to be dogsitting all day yesterday and had the best time. I wish I had the space and lifestyle to accommodate my own dog.


Awww, Posetta’s so bloody cute even when she’s sopping wet and stuck in a bathtub! At least you managed to prevent her from making a run for it- my dog used to routinely escape the bathroom and run (shampoo-covered) through the house. It wasn’t fun for me.


Posey is gorgeous!

My puppy is not the biggest fan of the bath either, but after the towel off game he sits and waits for me to get the hair dryer out to give him a blow dry.

He’s a little princess!

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