omeltte aux girolles

Across the road from the Palais Royal is the Costes’ Café Ruc. A rubber-necking scene during fashion week, due to its proximity to the Carrousel du Louvre, the official show venue, it would be perfect if I wanted to eat mediocre, grossly overpriced food in a fishbowl atmosphere. But I don’t, so often divert to Le Royal, a deeply un-chic traditional brasserie across the road on the rue Saint-Honoré between Place André Malraux and rue de Montpensier (do look her up –  now there was a woman with balls for the 17thC), to indulge in their perfect omelette aux girolles.

The omelette is not on the main menu, but it always seems to be on the specials: a disc of lightly cooked beaten egg, still wet on top, with sautéed, salty girolles, all meaty and chewy, & handfuls of chopped parsley strewn across with generous abandonment. Cosying up is its simple petite salade – just feuille de chêne lettuce, a chunk of ripe tomato and a trickle of creamy dressing.

This time I eschewed my usual accompaniment of frites & a glass of red wine (my Eres tank commands that I ease up on the carbs), and just ploughed through the bread basket instead. (1 out of 3 ain’t bad.)

Truly, one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten in Paris, all for the sum of EUR12,80.

(Living in America causes me to crave proper French omelettes, & I eat them for lunch every day that I am in Paris. When not living off Evian & Haribo in the desperate  rush between shows, that is. I cannot abide the pallid lumps of congealed scrambled egg, knocked up on hotplates that masquerade as omelettes  in the US, even in the plethora of faux French brasseries that pepper Manhattan. Yes, Mr McNally, I’m talking about the abomination you serve in Pastis. Disgusting.)

Brasserie Le Royal, 1 Place André Malraux, 75001 Paris, France

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Oh man, that looks awesome…


I am now craving a proper french omelette!! This gives me even more of an excuse to make the Paris trip I’ve been meaning to go on for so long! Delicious experience.


Whoa, easy there British girl- I lived in England last year and still have nightmares about Marmite and steak and kidney pie…NYC’s omelets may not be on par with those in Paris, yet they’re still at least edible.


@Lisa: You are missing the point! Marmite, & Steak and Kidney pie are what they are. You either like them or you do not, in the same way you either like an egg cream or you do not ( me, I think they are unpleasant, but I presume if you are a native New Yorker you may think the are the last word in deliciousness). It’s just a matter of personal taste.

But an omelette is supposed to be made in a certain way. US diner omelets are a bastardisation of a classic recipe and, as such, I find them unappealing, and bordering on the inedible. And I find it irritating that supposedly ‘French’ restaurants in America don;t bother to learn how to make a traditional French omelette.


Ahh this post truly transported me back to my trip in Paris. I love how immaculate and yet, underneath it all, it is a bit grimy, in that sensual manner only Paris can pull off. I want to go back!


Sometimes the simplest things are the best,and truly, you really cant beat a good French omelette.


i would have loved to have known about this place you recommend so i could have gone there two weeks ago. it’s in my diary now. xxx shayma


After reading this, I made the effort to seek out this brasserie (as a general egg/ omlette fiend!) D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. x

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