Given that there’s little demarcation between my work & my private life, I know that every time I book a plane ticket, the trip will involve work & play. I’ll need outfits for meetings, dinners, events, maybe the pool & some R&R too.  And there’s always some unexpected sartorial curveball.

Learning to pack the  perfect capsule wardrobe that will cover all eventualities has taken me years. It’s fine if you are a UK10  (US6) or smaller as your clothes can multi-task more, but if you are any larger then you can’t just fling on a packs-into-nothing vintage silk slip for shopping in the market in the day and then jazz it up with jools and sparkly flats in the evening, as I have suggested countless times in print. (Mea culpa.) You need correct underpinnings, and more substantial  pieces for a start.

But, the same principle applies: everything I pack must justify its place in the case. The silk robe I’m wearing above looks perfect hanging open over my grey-blue Eres tank swimsuit, whilst I hang out around the pool or sit at the beach bar with a cocktail, but works equally well as a piece of bedroom lounge or nightwear. It helps too that it comes with a matching eyemask, and light as a feather damask packing bag.

Ligne de Soie charmeuse silk robes were designed to blend together Asian kimonos with glamorous vintage Hollywood glamour  by Californian Melissa Pelz, a banker who often travels  and couldn’t find the sort of luxurious robe that she was after.

I’m wearing the Coral robe outside my villa at Tortuga Bay in the Dominican Republic back in April. Although it was super windy, the robe has a clever  interior double button fastening & tie closure in addition to the sash to ensure no inadvertent flashing of the neighbours.

There are other, equally pretty, prints and cream silk versions that would make a glorious bridal shower gift.

Ligne de Soie robes: RRP – £160.00-£210 (single and double layer robes) – £25.00 (eye masks)


Ligne de Soie eye mask
ps Please excuse photo: me & camera self-timers are on a learning curve.

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Aha! I’ve been searching for the Perfect Silk Robe, so ta very much for an exceptional tip. Love the coral print, too. xx


Love this robe I love the coral print, I am a huge fan of a silk robe, I bought one years ago from Habitat of all places, and it goes everywhere with me xx


It’s beautiful!! And I know what you mean – having an ample cleavage means I can’t just throw on slip dresses and trapeze tops and gold flats and swan about looking effortless, as much as i’d like to.

Hope you’re finally feeling 100% and enjoying yourself.

Miss B xx


Gorgeous.When I first saw the pic thought you were ready for a night out!


What a beautiful robe! I still have one that was bought for me just before I got married and still wear it now. But seeing as that was six years ago, maybe it’s time for a new one….
Hope you’re feeling well again and ready to take on the world x


You look gorgeous!


that really is absolutely beautiful


Inner buttons to secure the robe is just what every girl dreams off. I love those easy but yet very effective little helpers.

PS: Love the pictures!


LOVE the robe/kimono.

packing can be quite difficult, but after traveling about Europe for 4 months, I learned how to pack a small duffle for roughly around a week. Also traveling in warm weather helps.


Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous! I think this one might just go on my birthday wish list. thank you for sharing this!

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